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Published: September 26, 2023



Executive Summary:

The organized crime government through the FBI, intelligence agencies, and in partnership with the monopoly media, is constantly menacing the population with both real false flag terrorism where people are killed and property destroyed (9-11Oklahoma City Bombing1993 World Trade Center Bombing,) and hoax events (Boston Marathon BombingSandy HookOrlando Pulse Nightclub) where government agencies and the media present large-scale mass casualty exercises skillfully edited and presented as actual events with crisis actors and invented victims.

False flag terror, hoax terror, and engineered wars are used to menace the population, so they rally around the government for “security” while using the events to bring in even more police state measures, which allow organized crime to tighten their control over society for the day when the game is exposed or economic conditions get so bad the population rebels.

These false flag events and hoaxes are being exposed by independent researchers who are sharing evidence and analysis over the internet. In 2018, these independent researchers began to see massive censorship and complete takedowns of their YouTube channels, Facebook profiles, pages, and groups, Twitter bans, and search engine and social media shenanigans. Many of the best documentaries and video evidence of government criminality have been deleted from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other platforms.

The Censorship Industrial Complex is the name for a consortium of “government,” Big Tech, NGOs, and “Fact Checking” organizations that were discovered to be censoring information, including true information about the scam of “The Covid” and the harmfulness of the “vaccines” through the Twitter files released once Elon Musk took over the company. This visualization was created by Matt Taibbi’s Racket News and is companion media to an article entitled: Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex: The Top 50 Organizations to Know. You can find both the article and the visualization on The Liberator

We have organized two Dropboxes that can be downloaded to Flash drives with evidence of government criminality. Please make a copy ASAP.

Fake Mass Shootings for Gun Control:

False Flag Terrorism for War and Domestic Police State:

Key Concepts

1. Control of perception is the most powerful weapon in organized crime’s arsenal. Can the tell-lie-vision & glossy magazines make you believe the “government” is legitimate, that you are not a free human being but an “American,” that you “owe taxes,” that the elections aren’t rigged, that you are physically in danger from “terrorists” to get you to support police state measures, that mass shootings are rampant so peaceful people must turn in their guns, that an invisible virus is threatening life on the planet requiring a complete takeover of the economy, etc.

2. The CIA’s program to control the media that was exposed in the 1976 Church Committee hearings was rumored to be called, and has become widely referred to, as: Operation Mockingbird. The speculation is that if organized crime can control, the “head ends” of the information food chain (the biggest wire services, “news” networks, “newspapers of record,” etc.), then all the regional television stations, radio stations, and local newspapers will simply “mockingbird” what the bigger media outlets report. Concurrently, most people (who don’t understand the “big con”) will simply “mockingbird” what the MainStreamMedia and internet publications say.

3. We break down how organized crime has monopolized ownership of the media into six different companies running hundreds of subsidiaries in The Propaganda Matrix. We break down how organized crime controls editorial content in Control of the Media.

We include the article How the CIA Made Google in The Liberator

If you don’t understand that the MainStreamMedia, Google and major Internet social media platforms are tools of organized crime and deceiving you Soviet-style, then you aren’t even in the game.

There is no other option but to research these events for yourself.

In the internet age, ignorance is a choice!


Left: James “Bim” Costello, Middle: Kyle LarrowRight: Close-up of Nicole Brannock Gross’s shirt. All displaying impossible prop clothing where allegedly pipe bomb shrapnel/blast shredded the fabric of the clothing but did no damage to the skin underneath. Costello’s shirt shows impossible clean vertical cuts.

What Really Happened: Gov’t mass casualty exercise using special effects & traitorous amputee crisis actors, FBI agents/police that was photographed/edited by select news agencies and then sold to the population as a real event.

Used to Justify: Police state measures: Roll-out of pre-purchased armored vehicles for American cities and towns, beta-test of searching homes without warrants and locking down an American city with Hollywood trickery.

Best Evidence of Fakery: Thorndike photos expose no real injuries in aftermath, Bauman’s legs not bleeding after the explosion, no more than 3-4 dozen crisis actors photographed around “blast” sites vs. official total of 264 injured, plainclothes but identified FBI agents keeping uninvolved police/people away.

Best Documentary: The Boston Marathon Unbombing by PlasmaBurns

Best Short Videos: PlasmaBurns series exposing major crisis actor “Heroes” and “Victims” including: BaumannDownesCorcorans, GregoryValverdesFBI Caught Redhanded at Boston BombingReporting the FBI to the FBI.

Best Books: And Nobody Died in Boston, Either (Fetzer)


WTC7 was a modern, fireproofed steel-frame building not struck by a plane that collapsed completely and symmetrically into its own footprint at 5:20 PM. The building fell at free-fall speed, defying the laws of physics and displaying all the hallmarks of controlled demolition: Visible squibs, free-fall collapse, molten metal. At 5:00, Fox News, CNN and the BBC began reporting it had already fallen. Whistleblower Barry Jennings reported bombs. Prior knowledge, auditory explosions, symmetrical collapse.

What Really Happened: Both towers and WTC 7 brought down in controlled demolitions organized by US & Israeli intelligence agencies with media cover-up.

Used to Justify: Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, warrantless wiretapping, suspension of posse comitatus and habeas corpus, torture, military tribunals.

Best Evidence of Gov’t involvement: Obvious use of explosives in buildings: free fall speeds, molten metal still molten weeks later, explosive residue in dustdozens of war games taking place on 9-11 to pull fighter response/distract FAAIsraeli Mossad (Aka Dancing Israelis) caught “documenting the event,” symmetrical collapse.

Best Documentaries: Anatomy of a Great DeceptionAE911Truth: Experts Speak OutSolving 9-11 by Chris Bollyn

Best Short Videos: 9-11: A Conspiracy Theory9-11 Trillions – Follow the $

Best Books: 9-11 Ten Years Later (DRG), Another 19 (Ryan), Solving 9-11-The Deception that Changed the World (Bollyn)

Best Evidence of Gov’t involvement: Obvious use of explosives in buildings: free fall speeds, molten metal still molten weeks later, explosive residue in dust, dozens of war games taking place on 9-11 to pull fighter response/distract FAAIsraeli Mossad (Aka Dancing Israelis) caught “documenting the event,” symmetrical collapse.