Unite for Lahaina: Our Call to Action

October 1, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


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Thanks to Carol for this suggested post. Her comment immediately below:

Dear Friends,
In the course of watching this presentation, I encountered one or two small points with which I instinctively wanted to “take issue” and thus recoil.  However, sticking with the video to the end, I concluded that the overall positive value and urgency of this appeal far outweighed in importance any small disagreements I might have had….and hence decided to forward the report on to those of you who might choose to respond in support, as I, too, did in the end.
Thanks kindly!



Source: Reinette Senum’s Foghorn Express

Reinette Senum’s Foghorn Express


Please help us spread the word far and wide. Time is of the essence, and there’s upcoming deadline(s).

I have Lahaina on my mind, a place, as we all know, that has recently faced devastating adversity and challenges that could one day come knocking on our own doors. In these times, when major media often overlook the issues that truly matter, it’s up to us, the people, to rise and be the champions of change.

So that is why I am sharing, and asking you to do the same, this important Action Item for Lahaina.

For those who have followed my reports on the plight of Lahaina, you know the urgency of the situation. The call to action we’ve been waiting for has arrived, and it carries a ticking clock.

Though Lahaina may seem distant, we must understand that the same threats could one day threaten our own communities. But here’s the truth: victory is within our grasp, and our strength lies in our numbers – in our unity.

The Call to Action comes from Stand Together Hawaii, a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change. It’s not a complex mission, but it’s a crucial one. One of the most powerful actions you can take is simple – print out a PDF “complaint form,” fill it out, and have it notarized or witnessed by a friend or family member. Then, send it to the Secretary of the Police Commission of Hawaii (you do not have to be a resident of Hawaii).


Mail to:  

Secretary of the Police Commission

55 Mahalani Street.

Wailuku, Hawaii 96793

Here’s the source (Thank you, Brek):



§13-101-21 Filing of complaints. A complaint against the conduct of the department or any of its officers and employees shall be in writing, and sworn to by the complainant. Any member of the public may file, in person or by mail, a complaint with the commission secretary, any district commander or with any police commissioner. Complaints shall include the date, time, place of the alleged misconduct, the alleged responsible party’s name, complainant’s name and address, and facts surrounding the alleged misconduct. Complaints shall be made upon forms prescribed by the commission. [Eff 11/4/00; am and comp 3/12/10] (Auth: HRS Chapter 91-2, §§52D-1, 52D-2 and 52D-9; Maui County Charter §§8-12.1, 8-12.2, and 13-2.15) (Imp: HRS §§52D-1, 52D-2 and 52D-9; Maui County Charter §§8-12.1 and 8-12.2)

I’ve witnessed countless protests and disaster zones in my time, and I know this: if we don’t hold those responsible accountable and let them know that millions of watchful eyes are upon them, they will continue their wrongful deeds.

So, my call to you is clear: print that PDF, print a stack of them, and share them with everyone you know, instructing them what to do. The deadline for this action is October 6th. This is not an enormous ask, but it carries enormous significance. It’s a chance to send an unmistakable message to those in power – a message that says, “We Are Done.”

In my video commentary, above, I delve deeper into the situation in Lahaina, providing insight and perspective beyond the Hawaiian shores. It’s best we don’t dwell on the past; but focus on the present…. and what we can do NOW. This is our moment to rise, to be the change-makers we were born to be. We cannot and will not let down our ancestors and our descendants.

This is Our Moment for Kuleana!

Please share this post and Action Item far and wide!


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