Unmasking the Lies; Unleashing the Truth

August 9, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

source: newswithviews.com

It’s no secret that I am strongly opposed to the mandatory mask ordinances and so-called “mask laws” that have been sweeping the nation.  Even as the legitimate number of coronavirus cases has dropped substantially (less than 1% in most cases), more people than ever are now wearing masks everywhere they go — many voluntarily, and many being forced to.  In some areas, if you’re caught in public without one, you’re subject to stiff fines and even imprisonment.  This is crazy.

I believe it’s way past time to UNmask the lies and unleash the TRUTH.  First of all, there are a lot of contradictory recommendations being put forth by the so-called “experts” in charge of all this.  Recently, in one of my news feeds, I received one story reporting Anthony Fauci’s statement that mask-wearing was just “largely symbolic” and that masks were ineffective and unnecessary.  But within two minutes, ANOTHER story came across stating Fauci believes everyone ought to be wearing goggles or face shields IN ADDITION to wearing masks now.  It’s as if they’re intent on keeping us continually off balance in an atmosphere of fear.

Many have asked, “what’s the big deal?  Just wear a mask…. ‘no mask, no service.’  It’s no different from ‘no shirt, no service.’”  I beg to differ.  It’s WAY different.  First of all, wearing normal articles of clothing, like shirts and shoes in public is… well, NORMAL!  We don’t go shopping or out to eat at a restaurant half-dressed.  On the other hand, being forced to cover our faces every time we go out in public is definitely NOT normal, unless perhaps you’re in an Islamic country.  But in civilized society this makes absolutely no sense, and it’s only serving to further divide us.

Others will claim that wearing a mask is not meant to protect the wearer, but to protect OTHERS.  So the mask-wearers are now pitted against the non-mask-wearers…and again, FEAR plays a key role.   There have been countless incidents of violence where those wearing masks have ATTACKED those without one… it’s not enough to yell at them and accuse them of being “uncaring” or “selfish” for not wearing a mask.  Now, mask-wearers are actually physically attacking people — including young mothers out shopping with their children and elderly veterans — simply because they chose not to wear a mask.