URGENT UPDATE: RBN Technical Difficulties

July 16, 2015 in News, RBN Updates by RBN Staff

UPDATED: 5 PM CT, Thurs. 7-16-15 — We are releasing an updated method to call in, which will be in effect (for certain) ONLY FOR TONIGHT AND TOMORROW. (See Below)

Our telephone service provider has had some serious issues in our transition to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Due to their difficulties, we have essentially lost our phone system, as it was known to our listeners.

Work will continue over the weekend, as they continue to set up our new system.

We ask that you remain patient; this situation is impossible for RBN staff to handle on our own.

There are working phone lines, but our ability to place callers on-air has been hampered, and our toll-free numbers are not available at the moment. (SEE BELOW)

When a work-around becomes available, an update will be posted informing you of the temporary method by which we may take calls, until our toll-free system is restored.

UPDATE: A TEMPORARY solution has been found. This is only available, for certain, TONIGHT and TOMORROW (7-16-15 and Fri. 7-17-15).

To call in LIVE to go ON-AIR with hosts and guests 
dial 512-341-9562 and enter ext. 115

To call the network concerning any other issues
dial 512-246-9549 and enter ext. 103

Updates will continue until this is fully resolved.
Again, this solution is temporary and should not be considered permanent in any way.