USSA-Israeli Policies Unmasked

January 3, 2016 in News by RBN Staff
Jim Kirwan | 1-1-16

For almost all of 2015, USI policies have remained in a global-quagmire. The reason was that USI tried to play off everything that was being done, as a two-headed snake. “America” claimed to be fighting the terrorists, at the same time they were demanding REGIME-CHANGE in Syria ­ while Israel remained behind the scenes, as she dictated USI policies worldwide.


It can now be clearly stated that

USI Policy consists of arming, supporting & protecting Daesh

While claiming that Obama & the West are fighting the same terrorists,

which Israel, thru JSIL & USI have combined to create;

To undermine the EU, the Middle-East, Ukraine and America.

That’s Why US Airstrikes did nothing but expand terrorism.

Once this becomes impossible to ignore; then perhaps the world can get on with charging those responsible, so that the planet can get back to rebuilding the world, instead of spending every dime that no one has anymore, just to obliterate the last 5,000 years of human history.

I want to thank everyone for being there since 2002



One & All !


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