WATCH: Dem Rep’s Comment About Needing More Illegal Aliens for ‘Redistricting’ Goes Super Viral

January 12, 2024 in Columnists, News, Video by RBN Staff



By Nick Arama

A video featuring Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY) has been going viral over the past few days and it’s easy to see why. In the video, Clarke gives away the game about illegal aliens. She said, “I need more people in my district just for redistricting purposes. ”

That went viral on X with over 30 million views, with many commenting that this was why Democrats don’t want to secure the border or stop illegal aliens from coming in, that they want them for purposes of redistricting and that she was saying “the quiet part out loud.” More people in a district can mean you are allocated more seats.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has had to deal with the huge influx, let loose, as did former Bush official Ari Fleischer.

Even X owner Elon Musk asked if this was legal — could illegal aliens be counted this way to help with redistricting?

Then Clarke weighed in on the response to her remarks.

Either @elonmusk didn’t realize a right wing troll used a clip of me from years ago out of context to attack immigrants or he didn’t care. It says a lot about him and the downfall of @X under his so-called leadership.

Now, the video is from two years ago when there were a lot of Haitians coming in, and that fake story about the CBP whipping the Haitians came out. She was in a virtual meeting of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Border Patrol Debunks the Fake ‘Whipping’ Haitians Story but Media Doesn’t Care About the Truth

In the following video, you can see her talking about the way the Haitians were treated — a reference to that false story. But the greater “context” that she’s talking about seems to be missing. It’s still the same context of illegal aliens coming in and her response is still her response. You can decide yourself. The video isn’t long and the clip with the part we’re talking about starts around 5:12.

By the way, immigrants are people who come in legally through the proper system, like Elon Musk. When you call people who came in illegally immigrants, you are insulting legitimate immigrants as well as the legal process. But she doesn’t seem to care that she’s attacking an immigrant for raising a good question. Notice also there’s an attack on X at the end of her comment. Democrats don’t like the truth about them coming out, which perhaps explains why the Biden administration seems to be targeting Musk and X.


Clarke also spoke about how Brooklyn needs the people. Has she checked out what’s happening in the city? The Big Apple can’t even deal with the illegal aliens that they have right now much less any more. The mayor is up in arms and they’re keeping them in an unsustainable condition in tents in a field in Brooklyn. Then they booted the kids of James Madison High School out of their classes and any other activities for the day because they had 2,000 illegal aliens staying in the gym of the high school Tuesday night. The parents were not happy — perhaps Clarke would like to share her “context” with them.