WATCH: Florida Surgeon General skewers Twitter for removing his tweet warning of heart risks associated with the jabbity jab

October 11, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Not The Bee

So Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo issued a warning on behalf of the Florida Department of Health that their data and experts indicate an elevated risk of cardiac issues in young men who take the Covid-19 vaccines – something us peasants have been noticing as we read the headlines of young athletes dropping dead left and right.

Twitter responded by actually removing Ladapo’s tweet.

Yes, they actually silenced the top health official of a major state because his views ran contrary to The Science™.

A while later, the tweet was restored because Twitter realized they had really stepped in it this time.

It’s amazing. Twitter will allow pornography and death threats (only against a conservative tho), but if a leading health official cries foul about a massive experimental vaccine that many of us have refused to get – thus providing more expert data to the conversation so that we can do analysis with actual information instead of mere hearsay – Twitter immediately shuts that down.

The Party is always right, after all!

Here’s what Ladapo had to say about the incident to Steve Bannon:

Big Tech claims to be about freedom of the internet, but they’re also Orwellian censors who purposely use their technology and reach to crush anyone who opposes their ideological beliefs.