WATCH: Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Joins Tucker Carlson After Italy Elects Its FIRST Female Populist Leader: “If They’re Not Attacking You, You’re Probably Not Truly Representing The People Of Your Country”

September 27, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  gatewaypundit

By Jordan Conradson
Published September 26, 2022 at 10:20pm

Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake joined Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday to respond to the election of Italy’s new Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. 

The Gateway Pundit recently reported on his historic feat of electing their first female leader — who is also a Center Right populist.

Meloni understands what is good and what is right: God, family, and country.

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Because of this, the globalist left Fake News Media tried all they could to smear her as a fascist and prevent her from being elected.

Republican Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake, who is in a similar position and facing the same attacks, recently spoke out in support of Meloni.

The video below tells you exactly why the globalist elitist establishment tried so hard to stop her.

On Monday, Kari Lake joined Tucker Carlson after an incredible opening, where he explained the tactics used to stop Meloni.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on her last appearance, where Tucker said he could see why the establishment is trying to stop Kari.

On tonight’s appearance, Lake told Tucker, “What I am scared to death of is what happens if we don’t step in right at this moment and do something, afraid of the world that our children will live in.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene agreed with Lake and shared the same fears in a recent tweet.

Watch the full interview below.

Carlson: So you were one of the very first American politicians to weigh in on this election. You were paying attention, which I appreciated. What do you make of this?

Lake: I’m so excited. You know, it’s funny. I looked this Italian Ms. Meloni up when I heard about her about a week ago, and I couldn’t find any straight-up information on her. Everything was, ‘she’s a fascist, she’s a racist. She’s this, she’s that,’ and I thought, ‘wow. This is somebody who I can relate to’ because they’re doing the same thing about me. And it makes me realize that if they’re not calling you all of these slurs, if they’re not attacking you, then you’re probably not truly representing the people of your country.

Carlson: But it’s just so interesting that this is a change. If you’re elected in Arizona, it will be a change. Donald Trump was a change. The people who are rejected by voters in this representative democracy that we have, never for one second learn anything from that rejection. Why do you think that is?

Lake: I don’t know. I can’t get into their minds. But I mean, I think of the Marjorie Taylor Greenes of the world, the Congressman Paul Gosars, the Donald Trumps of the world, what’s happening in Italy, myself. The people who are truly understanding what’s happening in this country, which is we’re losing this country, are the ones who are being attacked. And I’m on the campaign trail; we’re working six to 10 events a day. We’re working really hard, and I had somebody reach out to me the other day and say, ‘Kari, you are fearless. You are so fearless. you’re not afraid of anything.’ And I stopped him, and I said, Actually, I have great fear. I’m not afraid of the fake news. I’m not afraid of the globalist. I’m not afraid of anything that I’m facing on the campaign trail. I’m not afraid of the cartels. What I am scared to death of is what happens if we don’t step in right at this moment and do something, afraid of the world that our children will live in. That’s what scares me to death.