What Happened to White Male Role Models?

May 28, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  donaldjeffries

Yes, we have no more Alphas

The alpha White male celebrity is the new Dodo Bird. Nowhere is the “Great Replacement” more obvious than in the character and personalities of those trotted out by the establishment as role models. Only a dwindling number of White male role models remain, an endangered species happily being encouraged to go extinct.

When I was a kid in the 1960s, and a teenager in the 1970s, all of my heroes were White males. They dominated the sports I loved. They were all alpha to the core, even the soft-spoken ones like Bart Starr or Joe Montana. When I played baseball, football, or basketball, it never occurred to me to pretend I was even the best Black athlete. Instead, I imagined I was Notre Dame’s star wide receiver Jim Seymour, who would be screwed over by the NFL in a precursor of things to come. Or Pete Rose, before he turned obnoxious. I admired the way he ran full speed to first base after being walked. Maybe I was a child racist and didn’t know it. I’m sure if the proper Karens had been around back then, I would have been sent to sensitivity training.

I admired many a White pop and rock star as well. The White rock stars of the era were about as alpha as human beings can be. Strong, confident, unwilling to be cucked by anybody. Picture Mick Jagger in his prime. Even into the ‘80s, while I was turned off by the big hair and pretentiousness of the heavy metal bands, no one could call them anything but 100% USDA choice alpha. And they were all White. While the sports world had already been thoroughly “diversified” by the 1970s, the music industry was being dominated by Whites. The British Invasion of the early 1960s, led by the Beatles, was pure White. Sure, you had Motown, but their sound was an attempt to appeal to Whites. All the Black girl bands tried to look and sound White.

My impressive record collection was a testament to “White Supremacy.” The Beatles. The Beach Boys. Bob Dylan. The Kinks. Procol Harum. Roxy Music. The Band. The Byrds. John Prine. Steve Goodman. The Rolling Stones. The Who. Elvis Costello, of course. Graham Parker. The Go Gos. Tom Petty. Electric Light Orchestra. Joni Mitchell. Nick Lowe. Those are just off the top of my head. Sure, I had some Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye in there. I loved Louis Armstrong. The Supremes still sound supreme to me. But, clearly, my tastes were decidedly non-diverse. I never understood the fascination with Michael Jackson, whether he raped little boys or not. To me, he was like a Black Donny Osmond, only a better dancer. And he became a freak show, turning his face into a figurative Halloween mask, in a futile effort to transition into Whiteness. Today, my record collection would be condemned as “racist.”

I’m sorry, I just didn’t pay attention to James Brown. To me, he was a good dancer who had one crossover hit, “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag.” I didn’t respect Aretha Franklin. Never thought to listen to her. I feel like I’d admitting some kind of culpability in saying I loved, and still love, Gary Lewis and the Playboys. Tommy James and the Shondells. The Four Seasons. Jan and Dean. Listen to the soundtracks of any film or TV show, focusing on music from that era. You will not hear these White acts, who had far more hit records than all the R & B Black artists combined. They’ve been sent down the memory hole. Like all the White running backs, wide receivers, and defensive backs who once flourished in the NFL. They want you to think they never existed. Old White entertainers and athletes have become unpersons.

Now, look at any potential young Don Jeffries today. To be obsessed with sports in America 2.0 means to be obsessed with Black people. Even going back to the 1990s, White kids had mostly Black sports stars to root for. Mostly Black role models. Be like Mike. Today, who does a White kid pretend he is when playing sports? Lebron James? Patrick Mahomes? Aaron Judge? White kids have been wearing almost exclusively Black stars’ jerseys for at least thirty years. We’ve come full circle; one of the few relatable things Oprah ever said was how she never had a Black doll to play with as a little girl. All children need role models they can relate to. How could any White suburban youth relate to an Allen Iverson in the 1990s and 2000s? Were tattoos, dreadlocks, and gang signs part of their community?

Those White youths began worshiping Black athletes because they were largely their only choices, much like young Oprah had only White Barbies to choose from. And they started listening to all Black rap music, with its focus on a ghetto culture that was foreign to them, because the White dominated rock and pop world was being transformed, into the “diverse” world we know and love today. You can watch it in all its glory on every Grammy Awards. In the music industry, as elsewhere in our society, “diversity” means fewer Whites. Period. The NBA and NFL, for instance, brag about their “diversity.” Well, I guess they have “diversified” things with more partially Black players. What used to indelicately be called “mulattos” in America 1.0. Where are all the Hispanic players? The Asians? The Middle Easterners?

There are still some very talented White musical artists today. Chantal Kreviazuk is an absolutely brilliant singer-songwriter. Vertical Horizon, Our Lady Peace, Better Than Ezra, Blink 182, New Found Glory, are among the White acts that are still producing music worth listening to. But none of them ever win Grammy awards. They don’t get to crossover into movies and television. They don’t have the one name thing going on, like Beyonce, or Rihanna. Or a toddler-level stage name, like Snoop Dog. Or Lil Romeo. No absurdly egotistical titles like Queen Latifah. These are the performers that utterly dominate the music world now. They are all minimal talents. Chantal Krevizuk has more talent in one fingernail than all the one name Black divas do collectively. It’s obvious who the young, aspiring White performers will look up to.

In Hollywood, where are any alpha White male leading men? Ryan Reynolds proved how “alpha” he was by dropping his pants and allowing himself to be pegged in some timeless screen classic. Picture any leading lady, of any race, bending over with her bare ass exposed for quite some time, and then getting sodomized. But females found it “refreshing.” Probably “empowering.” John Cena, the WWE star who has transitioned into film stardom, showed how beta he was, despite the muscles, when he walked onstage at the recent Oscars ceremony, completely naked, with his genitals covered by a cardboard sign. This was an example of ritual humiliation, and it is something White males are very good at. Somehow, I can’t picture Cena’s Black counterpart, the Rock (another ridiculous one namer), submitting to that.

Who was the last alpha White movie star? Bruce Willis maybe? Poor guy is only a year older than me, and suffering from a nasty form of dementia, so his starring days are over. I don’t consider Brad Pitt alpha. He’s more of a pretty boy. And he’s married to the most inexplicable member of the CFR, Angelina Jolie. Jack Nicholson is long retired. Even the actors I like today, like Sam Rockwell, are not classic alphas. He’s more sardonic. Christian Bale emits more of a deranged vibe than an alpha one. Maybe Hugh Jackman? At any rate, they aren’t in plentiful supply, as they were from the 1930s-1990s at least. On television, virtually all White males are beta, cast only to be subjugated to White females and Black males. The literal butt of the joke. What White kid would fantasize about being them?

Children need role models. One reason why Black crime rates continue to be so high, is because all the Black role models for inner city youths are supremely flawed. Gang bangers. Rappers who were gang bangers, or are trying to adopt the persona of gang bangers. Rich drug dealers. Pimps. And, of course, all the Black athletes and entertainers. The more arrests a Black athlete accumulates, the more “respect” he gets in the “hood.” The more violent he is, the more he’s “keeping it real.” There is no Nat King Cole for them in America 2.0. It’s 50 Cent or Ludacris. The Hispanic youth have almost no role models that look like them, so they invariably gravitate to the Black celebrities, many of whom would be in prison if the laws were applied fairly. The same thing goes for Asian and Middle Eastern youths. They all worship Black role models.

Jason Whitlock talks a lot about this. How the only Blacks who are “installed” as public figures are “clowns.” Guaranteed to play the race card at every opportunity. Guaranteed to sound as unqualified as they unquestionably are. Minstrel acts with a hip-hop edge. No Black role model is telling Black children to read regularly. To pay attention in school. To stay away from gangs. Instead, some of them probably can’t even read themselves. Some were in gangs, and all of them genuflect before bonafide ghetto thugs. No role model urges them to speak proper English because they don’t speak proper English. Instead, they enable their perpetual victimhood status by telling them proper English, and math, and everything else, is “racist.”

So what role models are there for today’s White kids? The ones with such diminishing testosterone levels. Tom Brady is retired. He may wind up being the last great alpha White football star. Aaron Rodgers is still there, but his drift into the world of conspiracy is likely to shorten his career (and he’s already old). All he has to do is start talking Jewish power, or the lack of White skill position players in the NFL, and his playing days will be over. His entrance into the Hall of Fame cancelled. In baseball, Mike Trout is a genuine star, but is predictably underpublicized (after all, he’s so White and boring), and is unfortunately very injury prone. Because the NHL is almost all White, of course it isn’t popular. Few White kids have hockey players for role models. Nikola Jovic is the best player in the NBA. But he’s White, and not an American. Many Blacks are jealous of him. What White kids dare to worship him?

The only truly visible White celebrities now are politicians and corrupt One Percenters, who oversee our rigged economy. Does any White child see Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos as role models? Even if they did, do Gates, Bezos, or Mark Zuckerberg seem like alpha males? Where can we find alpha White males today, anywhere in society? When I was a kid, most fathers were intimidating figures. So were most bosses. All my coaches were alpha White males. I hated most of them, but you couldn’t deny they were alphas. White males have been beta-ized, cuck-ified, if you will, over the past few decades. So we now see sensitive “soy boys,” even among the decreasing Whites in leadership roles. A disproportionate number of them are gay, and even more act gay, with mannerisms that used to advertise one’s sexual preference. They aren’t afraid to wield power, usually unfairly and unjustly, but they do it as betas, not alphas.

There is, of course, Donald Trump. He is indisputably alpha, in his own obnoxious and scripted way. This is one of the main reasons why TDS has been contracted by so many formerly sane people. They’ve been conditioned to see White males as public punching bags, unless they are aggressively attacking “White Supremacy.” They want their White males to apologize, early and often. That’s one thing Trump never does. He didn’t act on any of his inflammatory 2016 campaign rhetoric while in the White House, yet he still doesn’t back down from that rhetoric the way other White public figures do. But the Trumpenstein character wouldn’t apologize even when he should, as when he gratuitously attacks someone’s physical looks. Being alpha shouldn’t mean being impolite, and not recognizing mistakes. I’m not sure that Donald Trump is a proper role model for White children.

I know few people care about this issue, just as few people would have cared that there were no Black dolls for little Black girls in the 1930s. Conservatives are especially cucky on the subject. Their motto is, run Herschel Walker for office and call me in the morning. They become orgasmic at the sight of a Black conservative. They simply will not address race, especially the very obvious “Great Replacement” agenda. And so they’re cool with their kids wearing Deshaun Watson jerseys or attending a Lil Wayne concert. After all, Donald Trump pardoned him instead of Julian Assange. The lack of White alpha male role models for White youth, ensures there will be fewer alpha White males in the general public. Those little White kids worshiping Black rappers and athletes are going to grow up to be subservient to all Black males.

Maybe I’m a racist for even noticing this. “I don’t see race,” the concerned White Karen will lecture us. Oh, you see it alright. You just choose to turn your head. Or virtue signal. True diversity would be wonderful. I’d love to see an Asian running back. An Hispanic point guard. A Palestinian rapper. That’s not the kind of “diversity” America 2.0 has. We have a wildly disproportionate percentage of Blacks, almost all coming from the “hood” type of environment, espousing ghetto values and anti-culture, to impressionable youngsters of all races. Role models are supposed to project morality, and solid principles, even if they don’t live up to that in their private lives (and most of them never do). The perception itself can create real morality among the public. Shows like Leave it to Beaver were fake, but they were essentially a role model for what a family should be. I think they had a positive impact.

I don’t know what the percentage of actual cuckolds is in the general population, but there has to be more White cuckolds than all the other races combined. A huge percentage of the White cuckolds want their wives to have sex with Black men. No one else. I bet those men worshiped Black athletes and entertainers as youngsters. The whole “wigger” phenomenon is unique to the White race. No other race emulates and in effect “identifies” as another race, in the same way that so many young Whites emulate Blacks. You can treat all people fairly and not be “racist,” without idolizing them. Otherwise, you end up like Rachel Dolezal, so deluded that she “passed” as Black for years, as president of a chapter of the NAACP. She continued to insist she was Black, even after her very White parents spoke out publicly.

It’s clear that almost no one from my generation feels this way. How many White Boomer women list To Kill a Mockingbird as their favorite book? As young adults, who have always constituted the largest sports fan base, the Boomers overrated Black athletes, and only booed White athletes. I can’t blame the Boomers for the music, however. Boomers like to brag, and they really brag about their music being the best. Which I think it was. The teenagers from the 1990s were the ones who turned to early rap music- laughably referred to now as “old school”- instead of rock and roll. Rock and roll is dead. No one even refers to this music genre any more. I guess if the Rolling Stones ever die or stop playing, that might be it. After all, they were billed as the world’s greatest rock and roll band. And now there is no rock and roll.

Every boy’s primary male role model should be his father. Or perhaps grandfather or uncle. For Black kids, more often than not the father isn’t in the home, or even in their lives at all. This is happening more frequently with White children as well. Who’s the male role model for a little boy being raised by a single mother? Weak fathers who are subservient to their wives are not alpha males. Think of all the mutilated transgender children, pushed exclusively by their crazed “Woke” mothers. That couldn’t happen with strong, alpha male fathers. Can you picture Ward Cleaver allowing the Beaver to be “transitioned?” But then again, we can’t picture June Cleaver wanting him “transitioned.” You don’t have to be Ward Cleaver to be a responsible, strong father.

I don’t know how it works now. Is it a thought crime to buy your child a White athlete’s jersey? Or a hate crime? How about taking them to see a White musical performer? Well, Taylor Swift is the outlier there. They tolerate her, ever mindful of her millions of “Swifties” fans. But otherwise, this culture is effectively Black now. Ghetto Black. Ebonics Black. Sports talk shows are largely Black, and talk only about Black athletes. Unless they’re criticizing one of the rare White athletes. Music is now Black pop and rap. They give Whites country music, and they make them all wear stupid, oversized cowboy hats. You’ll have to cite long dead White role models, like Thomas Jefferson, if you want your children to know that the cultural landscape wasn’t always dominated by cringe Lil/Snoop/Puffy/Diddy Daddies.