Yawn: Governor Greg Abbott Officially Declares INVASION at Southern Border

September 26, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy Kidd

September 25, 2023

Governor Greg Abbott Officially Declares INVASION at Southern Border by the Mexican Drug CartelsSept. 21, 2023 (Emphasis mine)

“Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared an “invasion” at the southern border, attributing it to the Mexican drug cartels… “I officially declared an invasion at our border because of Biden’s policies. We deployed the Texas National Guard, DPS & local law enforcement. We are building a border wall, razor wire & marine barriers. We are also repelling migrants,” Governor Abbott announced in a post on Thursday.”

Ah, in case you haven’t noticed Gov. Abbott: Illegal Alien Families Force Their Children to Crawl Underneath Texas Razor Wire as They Illegally Cross US Border (VIDEO), Sept. 16, 2023

Picking up again from the article above:

“Governor Abbott didn’t just make a public declaration; he backed it up with a strongly-worded letter sent to Joe Biden, U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, and U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas on November 16, 2022.  “We are refusing to let them in and sending them back,” said Abbott.”

Really?  “…waiting to enter Eagle Pass, Texas on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2023”.  Already on U.S. soil, gov, give me asylum!

More than 10,000 migrants cross border Wednesday: CBP sourcesSept. 20, 2023

Friday Afternoon Statistic Dump – Border Patrol Reports Over 7.5 million Illegal Aliens Released into U.S. During Biden Term, 5.18 Million are Single Adult Males, September 22, 2023.  “The Dept of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) waiting until Friday afternoon to drop the latest statistics on illegal alien apprehensions at the U.S. southern border.  As a current surge is underway, the August apprehension rate was 304,162, the highest of any month so far on record.”

Texas mayor calls for resources as thousands of migrants await entrySept. 21, 2023: “At one point, the line of migrants stretched 5 miles long and into Mexico.”  (BOYCOTT EVERYTHING MEXICO AND THAT INCLUDES VACATION SPOTS. Use the power of our wallets.)

Biden’s DHS Frees 2.3K Illegal Alien Convicted Criminals into U.S. in Five Months, May 25, 2023 (Thousands of convicted criminals.)

While you’re busy writing letters and sending the National Guard to do paper work, Gov. Abbott, the hordes continue to flood across the border and Americans are paying the price.

Dallas Police release footage of shootout with illegal immigrant who fired into truck, killing his roommate – Dallas police say suspect Juan Vicente Zavala Lopez was previously deported nine times before his arrest for murder and assault. Sept. 20, 2023: “The police chief added that Zavala Lopez has a lengthy criminal history, that he has been deported nine times before and spent 18 months in a Texas state prison in addition to facing charges in California.”

Peruvian Illegal Alien Released Into US by Biden Regime Brutally Murders American in HoustonSept. 20, 2023  //  (Eagle Pass) Illegal immigrant from Peru charged with murder in Texas, entered US months ago. Roberto Emilio Vasquez-Santamaria illegally came to Texas in May.” Promised to show up for his court date in 2025.  //  Paperwork “Blunder” Gives An Illegal Alien Chance To Murder Innocent American – Here Are The Details, Sept, 17, 2023 – “A 20-year-old Honduran illegal alien stands accused of a brutal murder in New York after being released due to a paperwork error, despite a previous arrest for a stabbing in another state.”

She entered the country legally:  Illegal Alien Accused of Hit-and-Run that Killed Legal Immigrant Mother in Massachusetts, April 7, 2023.  Her 5-year-old son now has no mother and her husband is now a widower.  //  Alabama:  Previously Deported Illegal Alien Indicted for Allegedly Murdering, Dismembering Woman and Her Son.  (Deported in 2014 and came back to murder the innocent.)

Illegal Alien Faces 15 Years in Prison for Allegedly Killing Six-Year-Old Boy, May 19, 2023 (N. Dakota): “Julian Montoya, a 19-year-old illegal alien, was arrested last month and charged with negligent homicide and driving without a license after allegedly running over and killing six-year-old Ian Matteo Garcia, who was adjusting his bicycle seat at the time.”  In the eyes of his parents, Ian will forever be only six-years-old.  A child size casket.  Rips your heart.

OH GREAT: Three Confirmed Cases of Tuberculosis Reported Among Illegal Immigrants in El Paso SectorSept. 22, 2023

What is tuberculosis?  “Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious bacterial infection that primarily affects the lungs and respiratory system, though it can invade any organ. It’s a contagious infection that can be spread in the water droplets of a cough or sneeze.

“TB is spread through the air. The droplets containing the bacteria must be inhaled for the infection to spread from one person to another. This means that being near someone with TB disease when they cough, sneeze, or even talk close to your face for an extended period of time puts you at risk for infection.”

Think it isn’t spread among the hundreds or thousands of illegals grouped together?  People with poor immune systems (think those who took the experimental gene therapy injections being passed off as COVID-19 vaccines) are at greater risk.  It can take up to a couple of weeks to develop and in the meantime, the hordes are shipped all around the country.  Illegal minors put in public schools.

Half of Illegals Flooding New York City Are Not Vaccinated Against Potentially Deadly Poliovirus, April 17, 2023 – Dangerous situation; read the article.

Just wait until their kids get dumped into your child’s school.  Especially elementary where kids touch each other while playing.  Little kids don’t always clean themselves well after bathroom visit.  Healthline: “As a highly contagious virus, polio transmits through contact with infected feces. Objects like toys that have come near infected feces can also transmit the virus. Sometimes it can transmit through a sneeze or a cough, as the virus lives in the throat and intestines…According to the Mayo Clinic, the virus is so contagious that anyone living with someone who has the virus can catch it too.”

Since 2021, when Abbott announced, with good photo ops, Texas was going to build a wall, all kinds of legal problems popped up with bug lovers and purchasing land from private owners, but some got started.  By 2022, $1.05 billion in public and private donations.  Sept. 2022, the State of Texas entered into contracts for a lousy 14 miles of new wall for a massive $307 million bux.

In Dec. 2022, Abbott said he would spend 2023 building a wall.  Only 450 miles had a wall from Trump’s time in office shared by CA, NM, AZ.  By May 2023, a grand total of 4 Abbott miles had been completed.  Four.  1,700 panels were obtained from the feds left over from Trump’s effort.  All the rest were destroyed by the lunatics in the fake Biden administration.  More of our tax dollars into the crapper. Could not find any current number for the wall miles; this is not counting the 1,000 feet of buoy barriers in the Rio Grande.

When Abbott announced the wall plans, I wrote to him twice:  Forget the billion-dollar plus price tag.  Use the Texas Army National Guard. They are already on the payroll when called to duty.  Many have military experience with logistics, some may have been in the Army Corps of Engineers, carpenters, cooks.  Cut out private contracts.  Use the left-over panels from Trump era and you can cover the border in no time. CRICKETS.

I hope you read my Sept. 11, 2023 column, Illegals Invasion: What Are You Waiting for Governor Abbott?  Call up the State Militia. 


So, we have another invasion proclamation by Abbott.  More National Guard to the border!  Repel illegals!  In the meantime, our Border Patrol, National Guard and DPS are overwhelmed by hordes simply crossing over, some happily picked up by BP to be processed and released so they can come suck off our paychecks.  “We are starting again from scratch,” said Francisco Sierra, who fled from Venezuela with his wife and two young sons. (5 of them) “We came here with nothing but our clothes.”  An estimated 500,000 more want to come here from Venezuela.  Abbott’s declaration hasn’t meant squat as they’re still flooding across the border.

Put the Texas State Militia on the border and stop them from putting one foot on U.S. soil.  I don’t care if they have to crawl or swim back across the border, but they will be forcefully stopped.  An invasion is just that.  Call Mexico’s president and tell him:   Your drug cartels are done.  We will use lethal force if necessary to stop them.  All illegals will be turned right around and returned to you, make no mistake about it.  We will  shoot down every single drone:  Judicial Watch Reports Mexican Drug Cartels Are Flying Thousands of Drones at Border to Keep an Eye on US Law Enforcement and to Transport DrugsApril 15, 2022

Texas sheriff tells Congress nearly 2,000 Mexican drug cartel drones are swarming US skiesFeb. 15, 2023.  And tell the FAA to go suck lemons.  Texas is a sovereign state and those drones are being used to facilitate crimes endangering the lives of millions of Texans.  Has Congress done anything on that issue?  When pig’s fly.  Force a peaceful show down with the FAA.  They took a peaceful stand:  Jarbidge Shovel Brigade (part 1) – video.  And they won:  Jarbridge Shovel Brigade (part 2) – video (Nevada)

I don’t care how loud Democrats squeal like pigs or the ACLU making threats, just get the State Militia on the border.  Once illegals making their way find out they’re not going to step on U.S. soil, game the asylum system or just waltz in and disappear, most will not continue to the border.

Man up, Abbott.  Either you get tough and mean it or this monstrous invasion destroying our country will continue.  Not a pretty situation but we did not create this problem.  Mexico did by refusing to stop the hordes over the decades.  Republicans held the majority for 18 months with Trump in the WH.  This would never have happened if they had passed the 1993 immigration bill I outlined in my Sept. 11, 2023, column cited above.  They did NOTHING.

There’s no doubt in my mind there will be thousands of Texans, retired or even working who will volunteer for the State Militia on a rotating system.  A lot of them retired military. Not a bunch of hot-heads.  Lawful patriotic Americans stepping up and taking part in protecting OUR homeland security.  OUR duty to do so.

Although, Abbott may have a problem which some people think this is why he’s refuses to call up the State Militia.  And, remember:  Gov. Abbott is a member of the WEF (World Economic Forum).  In bed with the EVIL Klaus Schwab and the other dangerous maniacs.  4:22 must watch video on Schwab.

Abbott Donor Funds Illegal Alien Housing Project Near Houston – “Colony Ridge Communities” markets land to illegal aliens through loan loopholes, while stakeholders contribute to Abbott yearly. June 26, 2023 (Emphasis mine.)

“As challenges continue surfacing as a result of record levels of illegal border crossings, “Colony Ridge Communities”—the land development company responsible for providing loans for the construction of one of the largest illegal alien settlements in America—is funded by one of Gov. Greg Abbott’s major donors…

“Colony Ridge is known for its dealings and associations with Gulf and Sinaloa cartels. In 2013, 300 acres of Liberty County lands were used to host the “largest and most sophisticated marijuana-growing operation” in U.S. history. The area broke another record in July 2021, when the Drug Enforcement Administration raided a multimillion-dollar methamphetamine manufacturing lab in Colony Ridge.

“Terrenos Houston, the marketing program for Colony Ridge, advertises to illegal aliens by indicating they do not require traditional bank loans, nor do they need Social Security numbers or a proven job history. Instead, they operate through owner-financed lots for illegal aliens who don’t qualify for certain loans.

“The company is particularly active on international media platforms and produces marketing videos in Spanish, promoting incentives like discounts and video tours of their new schools.”  Expanded development underway to house 75,000 without any proof of citizenship.  It is currently 50% larger than Manhattan.

They claim they don’t advertise in Spanish.  La celebración del Cinco de Mayo en Colony Ridge fue todo un éxito (Cinco de Mayo celebration at Colony Ridge was a success).  On the left side of that Spanish web site, you’ll see their ad, May 8, 2023.

Is a Big Abbott Donor Running an Illegal Alien Colony? – (Scroll down and you’ll see the donations from Colony Ridge Development to Greg Abbott:  $300,000 per election cycle.) “What exactly is going on here?   How do we have a Governor in Greg Abbott who claims to hate illegal immigration, claims he is going to stop it, yet we have illegal alien city-states popping up with reviews on Google? The most likely explanation is hiding in plain sight—the owner of Colony Ridge is an Abbott megadonor.   William Harris gave $1.4 MILLION to Abbott in recent years while his colony exploded.”

Colony Ridge Development, LLC according to the Texas Secretary of State. Terrenos is listed.  But who owns Colony Ridge Development?  Hundreds to Lose Homes To Rich Developer, Nov. 30, 2020:  “More than 200 families will lose their land and homes Tuesday as the controversial developer in Liberty County continues mass foreclosures. Nearly 97 percent of foreclosures in the county are now linked to a neighborhood housing a growing number of illegal immigrants.

“Colony Ridge is a development of the politically powerful Harris family. The new subdivisions have been called colonias and the world’s largest trailer park as many of the families live in buildings and homes without access to sewer or water.

“The Harris family company’s owner-financed deals include interest rates of up to 13 percent, causing many people’s hopes of the American dream to be dashed. That may explain the dramatic increase in Liberty County foreclosures.”

Of course, Colony Ridge honchos declare they’re the greatest thing since night baseball.  Everything on the up and up.  None of the above is true!

Eight TCEQ Investigations Reprimand Colony Ridge Construction Practices-Plum Grove Development, June 5, 2021

On Aug. 20, 2023, I sent our Attorney General Ken Paxton a letter and exhibits; same package to my great new state senator, Kevin Sparks.  Why is Gov. Abbott taking Harris’ money?   Paxton was acquitted on Sept. 16th (a Saturday) but I figured he needed a couple of days in his office before I start sending him some things.  I also included this VERY important legal information which I’ll be getting to our sheriff in my county:  State and Local Authority to Enforce Immigration Law, 2004

This is the good news:  Pressure Builds In Texas For Investigation Into Illegal Immigrant Enclave Colony Ridge, Sept. 21, 2023:  “The second highest ranking official in Texas says he will call on the governor to announce a special legislative session to address Colony Ridge, a massive housing development north of Houston that has become a hub for illegal immigrants.

“Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, a Republican, said on Tuesday that he plans to ask Governor Greg Abbott to convene a special legislative session to address concerns about Colony Ridge, which many fear has become a strategic center for Mexican cartels to operate in the United States.

“Once I get a little more legal foundation on this to see what we can do I am going to ask Governor Abbott to address some of these issues in a special session,” Patrick said after he was asked about The Daily Wire’s report on Colony Ridge by Texas radio host Michael Berry.  “We can’t have entire cities of people who are here illegally with basically no law enforcement, in some cases I’m told no running water, it’s a very dangerous place to be. This is not what America was built on. This massive complex of people here illegally creating their own city north of Houston, it’s just unacceptable.”

Damn straight.  There isn’t any LEGAL “illegals settlement”.  They get caught and shipped right to the border with the clothes they’re wearing, just like when they invaded our border.  Abbott should coordinate with Border Patrol and conduct a citizenship status check with certified documents from anyone living in that Colony Ridge Development.  Hell, the county sheriff there doesn’t even check legal status for traffic stops because “it would take too long”.  Show him the door come primary time in March.

Members of law enforcement in the area explained that members of the Gulf and Sinaloa cartels had invested in Colony Ridge properties early on in order to set up safe houses for human and drug smuggling operations, Bensman reports in his book.

“The Mexican cartels are very active in that they run safe houses, they run drugs, they do marijuana grows, they commit crimes,” Bensman explained, citing conversations he’s had with law enforcement. “This is a homeland security issue. It’s a public safety issue.” Sept. 19, 2023

What can Texans do?  Call Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s office and tell him you support an investigation into Colony Ridge as well as a special session.  Why has Gov. Abbott taken more than $1.4 million bux in campaign donations from donor Trey Harris who owns Colony Ridge Development, LLC?  Abbott is not stupid.  He’s a very savvy career politician.  Think he doesn’t know what’s going on?

Tell Patrick and your state rep and senator to put the pressure on Abbott to immediately call up the Texas State Militia and get them on the border.  Patrick’s office phone: (512) 463-5342.  Call your state rep and senator and tell he/she you support an investigation.  Find phone numbers here:  House and Senate.

Spread the word on talk radio, your email lists, your county GOP chapter.  Burn up the phone lines.  Patrick and our reps and senators need to know we have their backs.  Call Abbott’s office to call a special session dealing with Colony Ridge.  It will ruin his day:  512.463.2000

Short clip.  We will start seeing this in our country. WATCH THIS:   Short clip, Rio Grande – Deliberate and destroying our country.  If the Texas State Militia were standing there armed, they’d turn around and swim back across.