“You Left Your Brain at The Door a Long Time Ago!” – Conservatives Destroy Woke Doctor and Cause Her to Melt Down After She Arrogantly Insists that Dylan Mulvaney Is a Woman

June 7, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  gatewaypundit



A woke gynecologist got destroyed in spectacular fashion this week on social media after arrogantly insisting that trans-influencer Dylan Mulvaney is a woman.

On Sunday, “Doctor” Michelle Quinn went on Twitter to respond to a based physician who posted a now-deleted tweet showing pictures of transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney and asked if he was a woman.

Quinn replied in the affirmative and angrily accused him of bigotry for disagreeing.

Gynecologist here. The answer is yes. And you’re a bigot. Not a good look for a physician.

Perhaps Quinn thought her ignorant reply would garner praise from her followers and other doctors online. What a grave miscalculation if true.

Conservatives instead completely destroyed her with a series of brutal and often humorous replies.

The roasting got so bad the “doctor” had a total meltdown and ended up turning off the replies.

But it did not work! Internet users still found a way to continue exposing her ignorance.

Not surprisingly, “Dr.” Quinn is awful at her job as well. If only she knew what a woman actually was.

Her patients clearly need to consider finding a new medical practice.

Quinn complete destruction is particularly justified when one learns she once threatened to send boxes of animal s*** to the Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichek and to dox her.

Moreover, Quinn clearly states in her Twitter bio that she provides abortions meaning she is not only doing harm to confused individuals but she also ends human lives.

She is truly a sad testament to the current state of our medical profession. Stripping Quinn’s medical license should be the next step after her Twitter meltdown.