Boys Beware – “Prejudiced” 1960’s Educational Video

June 8, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff


The title of this clip is NOT quite accurate.  This was just released on youtube in the Celebration of Pride month.  Prejudice ?  Only to those who are part of the LGBTQ Agenda and who feel it is ok to prey on young children.
I remember seeing this short clip when I was in the 6th grade at Westlake Elementary School in Indianapolis, Indiana.  All the boys in the school were escorted to the gym to watch this clip.  THESE CHANGING TIMES…. and in a very BAD Way.  Schools back then were PROTECTING children and today… they are PROMOTING the Homosexual LIfestyle.  Drag Queen Story Hour ??  Draq Queen Shows at Elementary Schools??
  TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE.  This is Grooming, Brainwashing, and Indoctrination.  I came away from watching this clip as a child NOT in Fear, just well aware of PREDATORS, and the tactics they use to capture their prey.  Please share this clip with others.  The schools appear to be concerned only about physical harm to the child, (mass shootings), and pay no attention to the mental abuse being carried out under the heading of WOKE/LGBTQ.  It’s time to push back.  If we remain silent on this issue, they will win this battle.  Public Education will be a controlled agenda of the warped minds, who continue to push this agenda on the children.  If they are successful, they will add more.  Your child will no longer be recognizable. They will be a product of the WOKE/LGBTQ.

– Steve Elkins  RBN Host Sunday: Off the Beaten Path, and Monday: The National Intel Report




[RBN NOTES: Description as it appears on satire video. ORIGINAL VIDEO BELOW]
This educational film from 1961 tries to explain the dangers of deviants who prey on children. While the film is overtly prejudiced and uses incorrect terminology, it remains an interesting look into the educational tactics of the era.