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So, what is the ‘POINT’? It is my opinion that ‘discovery’ is the only reason for doing anything. Without discovery, one can not learn truth. Without truth, one is in a constant state of error. Error creates pain of many types, some large and some small. I do not like pain. Some very sick types, such as sadists and masochists enjoy pain, because they are warped. Most on this planet are warped at this time. Most do not know that they enjoy error because they ‘know what they know’. Discovery of their error would upset their perceived comfort level. Adhering to a comfort level brings on more error. Few like to find out that they are wrong. I like to find out my errors even though it hurts and hurts. When I recover from the pain of a recent error, I look for more errors. Most times, error takes a long time to find because of individual circumstances. I do know that I am in error and I do my best to handle the pain.

There are hundreds of truths which I have no perception as to their existence. It makes me sad, but, I do know that it is my fault…!! We all made a choice at one time very long ago. We all pay for our own choices. Blame can not be placed on others. It is so easy to blame others for our errors. Blame belongs to each of us. All the way back, a very long time ago.

Love and hate are basic to life as everyone has love and hate. Both love and hate are very similar in strength. Both can bring pain. Both can bring happiness. How many thousands upon thousands of words have been used to describe love and hate over the centuries? Has anyone properly and definitively described, to an absolute, love or hate? It seems to me that all kinds of people are still trying to come up with an absolute. “Saith the LORD: yet I loved Jacob. And I hated Esau.” – Mal. Chap. 1- 2 & 3. Both words are used in the bible.

Is it possible that in instances that the word, respect, should be used instead of love. In my life time, I have heard many men and women say that they want their spouses to respect them more than love them. If one does not respect a spouse, can there be love?

Both love and hate are classified, by most, as emotion. Are proper and good decisions achieved when one is in an emotional condition? “Whip the mob into an emotional condition, and I’ll get what I want”, said Caesar. And, how many of Mammon’s leaders through out the ages?

Emotion is a thought to allow the individual or the group to have a reason to be ‘right’. We all want an excuse to justify our position. Rarely, is our position in justice. There is no justice except for the justice of THE FATHER In Heaven and HIS Only begotten SON, ‘THE I AM THAT I AM’ hereafter referred to as THE LORD. Others use other words to describe THE LORD. I am of the opinion that those of us still on this planet are still floundering for the correct words. Some are closer to the truth than others, but, still in error. This is one of my greatest pains.

I suspect that at judgement day by THE LORD, I will, in truth, learn HIS NAME; I would greatly appreciate learning HIS NAME today. To me, it is obvious, that I am not qualified to do this today. For, if I was qualified, I would know that truth.

In man’s world of government, Mammon, justice is an adversary exercise of words and then an exercise of force. I am in error because if charges are brought against me for following THE FATHER’S LAWS, then force is used against me in a unpleasant fashion. THE SON was and is perfect. HE gave the proper procedure of how to handle Mammon which is the same today as it was yesterday. I always want to resist evil which is the core of Mammon. I have had hundreds of excuses come out of my mouth, but, I have never had one good excuse come out of my mouth. I am a just a plain sorry excuse of a man.


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