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Red Pill Politics is a unfiltered collection of discussions that fills in the willful redaction’s of the Main
Stream Media. We translate MSM and government propaganda into the observable realities you see, by
filling in the dirty details. Some shows consist of a calm impassioned dialogue; Some are more like a
complete fact-filled meltdown over government aggression and civic apathy; Some are intellectual
deep-dives into topics like Agenda 21 (2030), WEF, Great Reset, WHO, etc. with special guest
• G. Edward Griffin
• Sheriff Joe Arpaio
• Tom DeWeese
• Jeanette Finicum
• Ammon Bundy
• Beverly Eakman
• Edwin Vieira Jr.
• Sheriff Richard Mack
Our first public broadcast was from a small fm station in the five-college area of Massachusetts (belly
of the progressive beast). To give you some idea of the intellectual battle grounds….There were at least
three openly socialist/communist shows and we were the ONLY constitutionally conservative show. We
bug our heels in and challenged ALL threats to liberty & freedom. Upon our departure three and a half
years later, we held the fundraising record over all other shows AND we were the only show to
broadcast three sitting congresscritters in the same hour.
Today Red Pill Politics is creating content through many available outlets RedPillPolitics.TV, Social
Media, PodCasts, Terrestrial Networks, ROKU, and of course Republic Broadcasting Network. Most
shows include listener call-ins.

I’m just a pi$$ed off country boy. I was born and raised in a small town in western Massachusetts. I
homeschooled my sons David & Luke and hold a Degree in Environmental Science Technology. I’ve
worked in the private sector as a small business owner as well as the government sector where I served
for over 13 years as a municipal Department Head. I learned first hand the challenges of raising a
family and earning a living and I also got to see how government sausage is made.
Gathering from my unique set of experiences and my propensity to read things I’m not supposed to,
each show guarantees to be engaging and will challenge your conventional thinking on many critical
issues of the day. You can’t protect a right you don’t know you have and you can’t fight a enemy that
you don’t recognize is attacking you. Property Rights, Parental Rights, your currency…..It’s all under
attack. Tune in to the show to learn how to recognize and fight the impacts globalization.
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