Washington DC’s Role Behind The Scenes In Hollywood Goes Deeper Than You Think

Bloomsmag On television, we found more than 1,100 titles received Pentagon backing – 900 of them since 2005, from ‘Flight 93’ to ‘Ice Road Truckers’ and ‘Army Wives’ The US
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Backlash To World Economic Order Clouds Outlook At IMF Talks

  Source: Technocracy.news | BY: MILLER, MOHSON, SCOTT   As a whole, the ‘global elite’ who promote globalization, Sustainable Development, Green Economy, etc., are completely non-plussed at the open rebellion of citizens
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‘Truckers for the Constitution’ Plan to Slow D.C. Beltway, Arrest Congressmen

Source: US News Truck drivers slow down traffic on the highway A1 on Oct. 18, 2010, near Lille, France. American truckers plan a similar protest beginning Friday, according to organizers.
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