“Adir” in the Sky: The F-35 Arrives in Israel

  Source: Canada Free Press | By INSS –Yiftah Shapir —— Bio and Archives With its modern technology, the “Adir” has great potential, and will undoubtedly make it easier for the IAF
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Is This Thing On? Pentagon’s Trillion Dollar Warplane’s Radar Doesn’t Work

Sputnik | 22:00 08.03.2016 (updated 03:46 09.03.2016)  The troubled $1.5 trillion dollar F-35 fighter jet is facing yet another problem, this time with its radar, which requires the pilot to turn it
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F35, The jet that ate the Pentagon • BRAVE NEW FILMS: SECURITY #1 • DOCUMENTARY

“This costly aircraft puts too many of the air mission eggs in one expensive basket, a jack of all trades fighter that is a platinum plated spork. Policymakers should pause
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