The Captains of Enslavement

By Dave Hodges Republic Broadcasting Network If I were to begin an article with a statement which promoted the idea that no more than two dozen corporations control every aspect
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Don’t Be Fooled By “Conspiracy Theory” Smears

Source: Global Research CNN and Newsweek recently launched dubious tirades against what they called “conspiracy theories.” Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal published U.N. Considers Reopening Probe into 1961 Crash that
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Jason Bullock Defends Bundy From White House ‘Racist’ Talking Points

Everything Is A Lie: The Deliberate Intent To Deceive People Is At An All Time High

Source: Prevent Disease From pollution to politics, the era of deception and duplicity has reached new heights and hijacked almost every form of media in the world. In the last
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Where the Flight 370 Psyps people got the idea

Source: Brass Check TV Where the Flight 370 Psyps people got the idea: Playing off the Amelia Earhart story The endlessly missing plane. This story came out in 2013. It’s
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RT: BBC News Caught Staging FAKE Chemical Attack In Syria!

Media’s Reporting on Ukraine as Terrible as It Was on Iraq

Source: Washingtons Blog After Giving Mea Culpas for Horrible Iraq Coverage, Media Does the Exact Same Thing On Ukraine We noted last year that – despite all of the mea
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Oil Truth Part 2: The Keystone XL Pipeline

The best opinions money can buy There’s lot of money involved in this so there’s been lots of purchased media. There’s two kinds of purchased media: 1. Bought and paid
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Richard Russell – Stocks To Crash As U.S. Lies To Its People

Source: King World News With continued chaos around the world and uncertainty in global markets, today KWN is publishing an incredibly powerful piece that was written by a 60-year market
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Scientist exposes flu shots lies and doom-and-gloom media propaganda

Source: Natural News (NaturalNews) The mainstream media has utterly abandoned science in the push for more flu shot propaganda, entirely failing to mention any of the risks associated with vaccines.
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