Orlando Shooting: Still No Evidence

  Source: Institute for Political Economy | By Paul Craig Roberts In response to my challenge ( http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/06/13/orlando-shooting-paul-craig-roberts/ ) readers report that they have found no evidence of bodies or blood.
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Gun Shop Sells 30,000 AR-15s in Week Following Orlando Attack

Source: The Blaze | By Carly Hoilman It’s been a week since the terrorist attack on an Orlando nightclub that left 49 dead and 53 wounded. Since then, the sale of AR-15
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The Boston Bombings and the CIA Connection. Graham Fuller and Uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev

Source: GlobalResearch.ca By F. William Engdahl h/t: Lew Rockwell One of the many unexplained (at least not officially) anomalies of the persons claimed to have carried out the Boston Marathon bombings is
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“Omar Mateen” Orlando Shooter EXPOSED/He Is An ACTOR!! 1000% proof


Father of Orlando Shooter is Long-time CIA Asset

Source: 21st Century Wire SEE ALSO: ORLANDO ‘KNOWN WOLF’ Watched by FBI, Worked with DHS, Amid Crisis Actors, Drills & CI’s  21st Century Wire says… The Orlando Shooting. Many things
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FBI Told the Orlando Shooter’s Wife Not to Tell This to the American Media

Source: Constitution.com | By BETHANY BLANKLEY   h/t: Freedom Outpost If the Orlando shooter was homosexual – the shooting wasn’t really about anyone other than him expressing his own shame about being homosexual. It
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Orlando Pulse Shooting Hoax – Crisis Actress EXPOSED As A FOX NEWS Reporter

  Patience Carter who allegedly survived the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting only turns out to be a Fox News reporter doesn’t she?

The Queen Of Greenscreen Christine (Compilation)

This Is The Contract The Orlando Killer’s Employer Signed With DHS To Transport Illegal Immigrants, Potential Terrorists

Source: Zero Hedge Over the weekend, as details emerged about Omar Mateen’s background, the biggest surprise was the identity of his employer: as we reported on Sunday, it was none other
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Multiple shooters in Orlando? Doors blocked? Two (or more) shooters?

  Source: Brasscheck TV San Bernardino all over again They’re at it again. Eye witnesses say one thing. The news media says another. And eye witnesses that don’t agree are
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