Major Presidential Candidates Except the Bern Pledge Allegiance to AIPAC and Israel

WHTT | Tom Compton | March 29, 2016 AUDIO: US presidential candidates, without the blessings of AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) don’t have a prayer of winning in the general elections. Front runners
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What If Bernie Sanders Gave His Israel Speech at the AIPAC Convention.

WHTT | News Post | March 29, 2016  What’s going on with Bernie Sanders, the only Jewish candidate for President, who decided to avoid the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) convention, and,
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Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders refuse to concede Iowa, citing theft and shady circumstances

February 3, 2016 Both runner-ups in Iowa’s 2016 Caucus have come out and made statements regarding their defeat at the hands of the Cruz and Clinton campaign. Trump having made
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Bernie Sanders urges raw vote count release from Iowa caucus after virtual tie with Clinton

  Source: Russia Today Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has urged a raw vote count release from the Iowa caucus, after results showed Hillary Clinton beating him by just .4 percentage
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C-SPAN Stream: Clinton Precinct Chair lied about the vote counting in Precinct 43 and it was all caught on camera

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