Mexican man convicted of kidnapping and sexually abusing two Oregon women GRINS in court and tells their families he’ll ‘see you in Hell’ – as it emerges he’d already been deported TWENTY times before

Daily Mail Sergio Jose Martinez, 31, was sentenced to 35 years in prison on Friday He sexually assaulted a women in her home and attacked another in a parking lot
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Nurse lured to park by ‘fake cries for help’ then sexually abused by five ‘African’ men

POLICE are today hunting five men of “African appearance” who lured a nurse into a park with fake cries for help then beat her unconscious and sexually abused her. Source:
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Proof New York Time Accuser Made Her Story Up About Trump’s “Groping” – CONFIRMED!

Source: The Political Insider | By Kosar Yesterday, the New York Times’ video attacking Trump looked fake simply because the “victim” borrowed her claims against Trump directly from a famous song. Now,
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