Justice Dead In America!

“326,000 new jobless claims in the US, China and Russia sign historic $400 billion gas deal & little Timothy Geithner said bailing out the banks was the “moral thing to
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The Ultimate Sacrifice?

“Within only 2 years China has produced more cement than the United States has in the entire 20th century, the real reason behind soldiers dying for the “ultimate sacrifice” &
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America’s Lost Soul

CNN’s breaking news on Michael Sam’s kiss to another man, un-armed protesters within eastern Ukraine are shot at by Ukrainian National Guard & music TV show.

Global Responsibilities!?

“Fed Chair: Janet Yellen says the economy is “back on track”, how the US government could care less about it’s veterans & Chuck Hagel says: “the biggest beneficiaries of American
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Activists VS Militants

“US railroads are rotting.. as China increases spending on their groundbreaking railway systems, why Interest rates WILL go up within the United States & how the media distorts what’s truly
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“Renewal, Growth & Rebirth”

On “Good Friday” Gerald sits down and tells a story of his mother & the life she brought to his entire family. Happy Easter and always remember to cherish your
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