Tucker Carlson Exposes D.C. ‘Conservatives’ for Doing Big Tech’s Bidding

source: www.breitbart.com by ALLUM BOKHARI Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed establishment conservatives for taking money from big tech companies to do their bidding, on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Friday night. The popular host, known
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Fox’s Tucker Carlson & Shep Smith engage in heated feud on air

    Brian Tyler Cohen BREAKING: Fox News’ Shep Smith and Tucker Carlson just engaged in an unprecedented feud on air.

San Francisco Zombie-like Homeless Mobs Leave Pandering Elitist Libs Baffled & Tourists Terrified

  via: Freedom4um     By Conservative Resurgence I Left My Filth In San Francisco NBC investigators rated the city “one of the filthiest slums on earth.” After surveying 153 blocks
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Shut Up, Obey & Support America’s Serial Wars

  Source: WHTT   On occasion, a lone voice in the main stream media, exposes the hypocrisy of the MSM and its collusion with the American government. Selling wars through
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Tucker Carlson: Tennessee schools ban Confederate flag because liberals “hate expressions of patriotism”

Liberals are “trying to crush rural American culture by banning its symbols,” the “Fox & Friends” host complained. [VIDEO]    Salon | SCOTT ERIC KAUFMAN On “Fox & Friends” Sunday, co-host Tucker
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