Walmart Pushes Open Call for U.S. Manufacturers

In Apparent Attempt to Overcome Backlash Against Foreign Products The retail giant is opening another call for entrepreneurs to present their U.S.-made products. According to, Myndology, Inc., of Appleton, Wisconsin,
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SOURCE: AP Wal-Mart is closing 269 stores, more than half of them in the U.S. and another big chunk in its challenging Brazilian market. The stores being shuttered account for
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WELCOME TO WALMART: Your New World Order Superstore

Source: YouTube Published on May 7, 2015  The truth about Walmart and the New World Order. TruthMediaFilms Channel:…          

Video: Walmart ‘Plumbing’ Issue Related To DHS Underground Tunnel Network: “This Is A Very Real Situation”

Source: SHTFPlan Mac Slavo April 17th, 2015 There’s been much speculation about the recent closures of Walmart stores around the country. Walmart claims the their stores, closed almost simultaneously in
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Why Is Wal-Mart Preparing For A Major Earthquake On The New Madrid Fault?

By Michael Snyder Republic Broadcasting Network Buried in a Wall Street Journal article from about a week ago was a startling piece of information.  According to a Wal-Mart executive, Wal-Mart
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Wal-Mart: Lower prices and brainwashing

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