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“Government Targets go to Washington”

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Born in the Worcester, Massachusetts. Moved to Nantasket Beach (Hull, MA) where I completed High School with a yearn to change things that I felt were not Right.

I went into business at age 23 and stayed self-employed for most of my life. I enjoyed life to the fullest. I had it made. I am a musician, wanting to record my work, I opened a small state of the art recording studio in the middle 80’s.  I enjoyed that greatly until a divorce brought that to a close.

The year 2011 brought something very new to me. For whatever the reason I became part of a list of Government Targets. Like so many others around the world including affluent people in Hollywood, I did not know what was happening to me. I chose to fight it in every way that I could. I turned to my pen as it had brought me so much success in the past. I chose my knowledge of sound, to bring My story and others into the limelight with shows 3 times per week each lasting between 3 and 6 hours.

In 2017 I held a demonstration in Washington DC to bring awareness to the highest office in the land. The demonstration was fruitless as all communication were blocked. All equipment displayed a white screen, useless.

I continue all media to make the public aware of Our plight. We have guests from all over the world. Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Australia. We have gatherings like Unity and Hope in 2017 which brought in guests from around the country and live streams from literally everywhere.

I work tirelessly against The New World Order, 5G, and for Human rights everywhere.

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