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Biography: Vinny Eastwood

“Welcome Ladies, Gentlemen, Slaves of the Global Plantation!
The Vinny Eastwood Show IS Bad News!
It’s like the news…
But worse.
It’s The Lighter Side Of Genocide!
Just because we’re being exterminated,
doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it!
Otherwise, what’s the point of being killed?
The Vinny Eastwood Show
Where the only thing worse than living in a high tech global police state run by child trafficking satanists…
Is Vinny’s Jokes.”


Talk Radio Host, Comedian, Film Maker, Singer/Song Writer, Mystic…

Vinny Eastwood is a New Zealander with more reach into the United States & global truth movement than any other.
Comical, cynical, insightful, inspirational, terrifying, enlightening & incredibly modest, the Vinny Eastwood show IS Bad News!

From 2008 till today (2021) he’s created over 6000 published videos and radio broadcasts consisting of 20,000 hours of long-form interviews with over 2000 of the world’s leading thinkers, researchers, inventors, warriors, scientists & professionals from hundreds of different disciplines, gaining what few come to possess, perspective.

Bad News with Vinny Eastwood is based on 2 rules:
1 Be yourself
If you’re being yourself you’ll be relaxed and the audience will too.
2 Have fun
If you’re having fun the audience will too.


Vincent Eastwood (AKA MR. NEWS) was born in the ominous year of 1984
The same year set out in Orwell’s masterpiece and the year of New Zealand’s neo-liberal economic reforms.

“It’s on the points we agree that we should come together and collaborate,
those we disagree upon, we can argue about infinitely, so let’s leave those aside for another time,
perhaps a time when we’re no longer under the threat of enslavement and subsequent extermination by a bunch of ruthless, criminal, sociopathic, scumbaggery.” – Vinny Eastwood 2007


The Vinny Eastwood Show 2010 & Beyond

Since quitting my job as a salesman I’ve created/become:

-NZ’s #1 subscribed youtube news channel with 28,000+ subscribers (June 2016) outranking NZ’s largest mainstream media channel NZheraldTV

-Syndicated throughout New Zealand on radio networks covering from Invercargill to Whangarei

-A full time, self motivated activist supported financially by ordinary people’s generous donations, subscriptions & google ads on youtube

-The largest online video and audio archives of NZ activists in history (several thousand hours of published information)

-Thousand’s of in depth radio interviews & created working relationships with some of the biggest and smallest names in the global conspiracy/alternative media movement

-The caretaker of a lot of very professional computers, sound equipment, green screen, microphones and various other gadgets that were ALL donated by generous listeners!

-The inspiration for dozens of people around the world to start making their own media and follow their own destiny

Finally on an ironic note,
I have accepted in my mind that I’ll likely fail my mission to free humanity from scumbaggery.
So, what I’ll do is what makes me happy,
Expose a little bit of scumbaggery each day,
Have a few laughs, make some awful puns
& help some decent people (who the media won’t touch) get their voices heard,
till such a time as god deems me unworthy of life or the listeners deem me unworthy of support.

Back Story

After just turning 20 in 2004 I got arrested for selling cannabis while a student at Otago University, it came as quite a shock that when I was honest to the police because they said they’d “go easy on me” they made up enough evidence to threaten me with jail for up to 8 years for a first offense with no possibility of diversion, based upon possessing 13 grams.
I was lucky to get off with 300 hours community service but the trauma I suffered during that time was exactly the motivation I needed to wake up.
It saw my life destroyed, losing my girlfriend of 2 years, virtually all my possessions, my circle of friends and every plan for a normal life within 1 week, including never being able to leave New Zealand.


That year I worked off my community service and worked part time On Waiheke in the vineyards, then went to Auckland University in 2005 and got a job as a telemarketer working a few nights a week.
Finally leaving University after writing the best essay I’d ever written on why TV was bad for us and getting a D minus!
At that point that I decided that educators weren’t trying to teach me critical thinking, they were just being critical of me because I could think, so I started doing telemarketing full time.

By late 2006 I was the #1 residential tele-marketer at a major NZ Telecommunications provider, averaging 1 sale for every 2 calls made during dinner time on weeknights, (the divisions average being 1 in 17) achieving the highest sales numbers of anyone in the company every night for 6 straight months.
I didn’t like sales any more, so I took a promotion within the company and became a “business account manager” which turned out to be just another sales job,
But, because I was bored and had access to most of the building and the people in almost every department,
I  wrote a 7 page essay about what was wrong with the company.
Management took an interest and the Vice president of the company called the entire business account manager team together for a meeting that lasted about 12 minutes and we got to page 1 and a half before the Vice president took a phone call and disbanded it.
A few days later I was offered 6 weeks salary to leave the company in the next 5 minutes, at the time I thought “I haven’t had a summer holiday in a while” and took a few months off before going back into the work force the following year.

By late 2007 I was starting to go crazy, I’d watched hundreds of documentaries and was listening to conspiracy talk radio hosts at the same time as earning thousands doing something that didn’t in any way stop the world being enslaved by bankers and the population being made subservient through propaganda to a criminal government.
After going through 2 more sales jobs and just not liking the dishonest & psychopathic money grubbing employers or the idea of a meaningless life selling telecommunications,
I took my final paycheck of $5,000 Cash and $20,000 worth of shopping vouchers:
-Quit my job,
-Bought an iMac, Handycam, tripod,
-Started filming protests, public meetings, interviewing activists, ambushing politicians and putting the videos up on youtube.
It was the fact that there was no alternative media in New Zealand covering the things I was hearing on American outlets that really motivated me.
I became a broke-ass activist with a sense of entitlement trying to help everyone the media ignored to have their voices heard for longer than 30 seconds.
Talking to activists helped me realize how much information was missing from the news.
I was also looking after Autistic boys (part-time) to pay the bills.

By 2008 American producer Mitch Santell (who was living in New Zealand) saw my videos & asked me to be a guest on The American Freedom Report, a talk radio show on the American Freedom Radio network based (at that time) in Austin Texas.
The reaction from the American audience was huge, so huge that I became a permanent co-host shortly after that.
The show aired at 3-5am New Zealand time, so I had to quit my part time job and asked my father for some money which I gave to my producer Mitch and bought my wife a new car,
I became the first kiwi to co-host a show on an American radio network 5 days a week.

In 2009 American Freedom Radio fired my American co-host and gave me the show, making me the first kiwi to host a talk radio show on a US network!
For most of the first year I had a kiwi to co-host with me but they eventually left and I’ve been hosting the show by myself ever since 2010.


Vinny with David Icke


Some of Vinny’s Donated Equipment



Vinny has always been in the thick of the action!






The Vinny Eastwood Show
It’s the lighter side of genocide!
Just because we’re Being Exterminated,
Doesn’t mean we can’t make it fun!
Otherwise, what’s the point of being killed?






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