Central bank manipulation makes life better – NOT!

March 5, 2014 in Gold and Silver, Video by The Manimal

Source: RealEconTV

Amusing and mostly correct

Fractional reserve banking…

It automatically creates inflation and inflation is actually deflation of the value of your money.

Your money is worth less so the amount of dollars you have to spend (the price) goes up.

The responsibility for all this is placed on the Rothschild banking empire (“The Red Shield”).

Is it true?

The historical events portrayed in this animation are accurate.

The “real money/real gold as the solution” story is far less compelling, to me at least. The loony drama at the end is, well loony.

Shutting down the Fed and removing its distorting effects makes sense. Banning fractional reserve banking would also help. I’m not sure what donning gladiator gear is supposed to accomplish.