US military intrusions ‘ineffective, shameful’: Analyst

June 6, 2014 in Video by The Manimal

Source: Press TV

Americans are “fed up” with the US military’s “foreign intrusions” in other countries, a military analyst in New York says, calling Washington’s aggressive foreign policy “ineffective and shameful.”

“The American people are expecting us to get out of these foreign intrusions, we can’t afford them, we’ve not been successful with them,” Michael Burns told Press TV on Wednesday.

“It’s an embarrassment, it’s a shame on the traditional American policy,” Burns said. “The American people are just chagrined and shamed over the ineffectiveness of our intrusions into other people’s business.”

He said Americans want the US military to withdraw from Afghanistan as quickly as possible.

The top US commander in Afghanistan said this week that US President Barack Obama’s plan to pull American troops out of Afghanistan by 2016 is “not a zero option” and “not a withdrawal plan.”

General Joseph Dunford said that Obama’s plan for the future of Afghanistan is a “transition” that has no similarity to the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq in 2011, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

Last month, Obama announced in the White House Rose Garden that Washington will keep “approximately 9,800” troops in Afghanistan after 2014. He also said “by the end of 2016, our military will draw down to a normal embassy presence in Kabul.”

However, a Foreign Policy magazine article last month said the “dirty secret about Obama’s Afghan plan” is that an “invisible army” of US officials and intelligence personnel will remain in the country well into the future.

There are currently about 32,800 US troops in Afghanistan. At least 2,324 members of the US military have died during the nearly 13-year Afghan war and thousands more have been wounded.