Virginia Moms Have Lost Their Constitutional Rights

June 5, 2014 in Columnists, Dave Hodges by The Manimal

By Dave Hodges
Republic Broadcasting Network

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Ironically, Monika Wesolowski’s escaped Poland as she and her family fled communism, only to be victimized by the communist policies of the Virginia CPS with regard to the evisceration of her Constitutional rights and the subsequent unwarranted theft of her child.

Dangerous Ground

As my readers and media colleagues are keenly aware, I was recently targeted for extreme harassment after I began covering the topic of unwarranted child seizures and allegations of child sex trafficking associated with some public agencies. I responded by seeking legal advice and decided to suspend my activities for three days while contemplating my options. As Steve Quayle has told me, you know you are over the target when start getting flack. Ernie Hancock also cautioned me that if you are going to be “on the list”, you’d better be at the top of the list. I have returned to my previous investigations. Publicly, I will tell you that I fear the reach of the shadowy forces associated with CPS agencies across this country. The late State Senator, Nancy Schaefer, who met an untimely end while exposing the international component parts of these alleged nefarious practices. I am aware of the tenuous nature of my investigation. This article is also about public officials who have denied a mother due process and are continuing to disparage her for exercising her Constitutional rights.

As of this date, I do not have concrete proof that the Virginia CPS is sex trafficking in children. I do have significant cause to believe that foster children in Virginia are usually in greater danger after being taken from their parents for very flimsy or totally false reasons. This is one of these stories.

A New and Tragic Day for American Families

After learning about new Obamacare provisions which have turned CPS agents into de facto federal agents, operating under a 110 page document published by HHS, I predicted that the “convenient” disappearance of children, through CPS child seizures, would increase exponentially. Totally gone is any pretense of due process and following the rule of law. If you are a parent in Virginia, your parental authority and rights hang by a thread each and every day that you live in that state. Under the Obamacare regulations, children can be taken from their parents for such innocuous behaviors such as poor grades, although it is unspecified as to what a poor grade is. A child can be taken if there is a gun in the home, or the child has been grounded for disobedience or the child has missed 5 days of school in any 30 day period. The myriad of reasons that a child can be stolen from its parents are seemingly endless.

A Watershed Case Example

Briefly, as I have highlighted before, current State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski who holds a significant security clearance, was “swat-teamed” by her local police and CPS at 830pm, one December night in 2013, because CPS wanted to do a child welfare check on her child, Dylan, age 4 at the time. After hours of brutal interrogation, the CPS agents accused the mother of strangling her child. Even though the police were present during the entire Gestapo type interrogation, no charges have ever been brought against Wesolowski. A subsequent pediatric report exonerates Ms. Wesolowski from the original allegation. No judge has held her accountable. Yet, her son has been removed from her custody and Ms. Wesolowski claims that the two foster “dads” who now have custody are molesting the boy and the boy is failing to thrive.

Despite the fact that Ms. Wesolowski has repeatedly expressed her suspicions to local police, the Fairfax County Attorney’s office and to CPS as well as the Virginia Department of Family Services, no meaningful investigation has taken place in a case of what I consider to be an extreme example of depraved indifference as to the welfare of the child. The boy is autistic, and as such, was receiving occupational therapy. The mother states that this therapy, deemed necessary, is not being met by Virginia public officials. The boy is Catholic and this is not being honored as well.

This five year old boy, is no longer toilet trained and has been put back into diapers by the foster “dads”. There are clear signs of the child’s failure to thrive in the foster home under very questionable circumstances.

Former Virginia CPS Workers Spill the Beans

Since I first began exposing these heinous set of events, former CPS agents across the country, have come forward. In Virginia, I am presently speaking to two former CPS agents from this state. As of this writing, they must remain unidentified because they fear for their safety if they expose what they have seen. However, one former agent has agreed to appear on my show when her life circumstances change over the next few weeks.

What these former CPS agents tell me is that the entire CPS and Virginia legal system is designed to separate mothers from their children. CPS is motivated by greed and money. For every child taken from the parents, the Federal government pays approximately $5,000 dollars. If the child is a minority, as is the case with Dylan, more money is paid. And if the child has a disability, the feds payout even more in taxpayer’s money to take children.

Many of the CPS agents I have spoken to across the country, tell me that there are “off-the-books” quota systems imposed on individual agents to take children because the money is funneled back into agency operations. As a result, the system is prejudiced against parental rights and keeping families together. Yes, the Virginia CPS will publicly say all the right things, but the system is undeniably tilted towards the removal children from their parents. According to one former Virginia CPS agent, forged documents and fabricated evidence are all too frequently part of the equation leading to the removal of children from their parents. In Virginia,

There Is Only the Pretense of Due Process for Parents

Recently, Ms. Wesolowski sent me the following and very disturbing information in an email:

“My therapist said that DFS Social Worker Magda Alarcon told her that I was “unstable” because I contacted the media and was on your show. Magda had said that people left comments about the show that place Dylan in harm and danger as the comments stated that people wanted to hurt and threatened the lives of the foster parents. She said that Magda stated that my actions to go to the media did not factor in threats to DFS and therefore I am “unstable.” She also said that Magda told her I would not be getting more visitation time with my son because of this”.

If the above is true, this represents the abrogation of parental rights for exercising one’s First Amendment rights. I have requested on two separate occasions an interview to answer these allegations against the Department of Family Services agent, Magda Alarcon, who is the point person in this case. My calls to her have not been returned.

The Wesolowski case is garnering public attention and is a legitimate news story. Further, I have received several requests from my media colleagues for interviews with Ms. Wesolowski. Monika Wesolowski has the First Amendment right to speak out in the media when she feels her rights are being violated. Ms. Wesolowski is reporting that she is being retaliated against for exercising her First Amendment rights with regard to the possible cessation of family reunification exercises in retaliation for appearing on my show. Further, my article and subsequent radio interview with Monika Wesolowski has not and could not endanger her son in any way. If anything, by shining the light of day on the case, the potential for wrong doing against the boy is diminished because of the attention brought to the case. To imply that my show or column is designed to bring harm to a five year old boy for his mother daring to expose unconstitutional behavior, is libelous and constitutes slander.

I certainly hope that my show is not being used as a thinly veiled excuse to separate a mother from her child. In case the Virginia DFS/CPS officials deny Ms. Wesolowski’s claims of them trying to eviscerate her First Amendment rights are bolstered by the contents of a letter written by Fairfax Assistant County Attorney to Ms. Wesolowski’s attorney.

Ms. Kramer,

It is my understanding that you are representing Ms. Wesolowski. The Department would like to schedule a meeting with you and your client so that we can discuss the case and moving forward. The Department has some concerns about Ms. Wesolowski’s radio appearance this past weekend and would like to discuss that with you and your client. Please let me know when you and Ms. Wesolowski would be available for such a meeting. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to working with you.

Chris M. Christopher Sigler

Assistant County Attorney

Fairfax, VA


Since when should a radio appearance cause concern for the County Attorney? Should any public official fear the light of day? One of the former Virginia CPS workers stressed that the CPS likes to operate in the shadows and wants to avoid the light of day as much as possible. Given the media interest that the Wesolowski case has generated, it is too late, for this case is destined to become a media circus and a possible campaign issue for the County Attorney in the next election.

Parents of America, do you feel safer after reading these accounts?