A question that should be asked of EVERYBODY seeking office

November 11, 2015 in Collapse of the US Dollar, Columnists, Economy, Gold and Silver, Je Suis Spike by RBN Staff


Resolved: Most of the problems that America suffers, for example, ever-increasing indebtedness, destruction of families by programs that breed dependency as certainly as the dependent breed new dependents, lack of respect for human life and dignity, can be cured with near 100% certainty with the simple fix of adopting an honest-money system such as gold-based and/or silver-based. This is just true and can easily be seen by anybody with vision and an understanding of how honest-money cannot be used to dishonestly spend endlessly, justifying indebtedness of unending proportion.

The Question: As this is true, can you give us any justification for NOT adopting an honest-money system? (I will admit the question is loaded, but most are.)

Any person running for office, certainly at an executive level, ought to be asked this question and asked it again and again and again until they answer it, no exception, no dissembling, no hemming and hawing.

There are two fixes for this nation and one is honest-money; and it is a fix because God ordains it and finds every other dishonest money-system, such as foisted upon this nation and the world, an abomination. This is why He blesses honest-money: Proverbs 11:1 A false balance is abomination to the Lord: but a just weight is his delight. http://biblehub.com/proverbs/11-1.htm

The other, and better, fix, of course, is to adopt all the teachings of Jesus, Amen.

Both of these fixes ARE in accordance with our Constitution and NO FIX is complete without adherence to the Constitution.

Je Suis Spike