Congressman Franks on Grid EX II and the EMP Threat

November 13, 2013 in Columnists, Dave Hodges by The Manimal

By Dave Hodges
Republic Broadcasting Network

How much coverage has the Grid EX II blackout drill received from mainstream media?

(Crickets Chirping…)

How much coverage has the presence of Chinese and Russian soldiers received from the same?

(Crickets Chirping…)

How Much Coverage Has Congressman Trent Franks Given to the EMP Threat to Our Power Grid?

Congress may have a minuscule nine percent approval rating, but I am starting to like my congressman. Trent Franks (R-AZ) from the 8th District, is a lone voice in the wilderness. Congressman Franks has become the voice of reason, exhibiting a Ron Paul type of courage in the face of the EMP threat and what it could mean to our power grid, and most importantly to our collective survival.

On November 6, 2013, Congressman Franks wrote a very pointed and blunt letter to Frederick Gorbet, the chairman of the Board of Trustees for the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). Franks jointly addressed his letter to Gary Cauley, the President and CEO of the same organization.

In the letter, Congressman Franks sounds like a man who has had enough, is as mad as hell and is not going to take it anymore. Franks obviously sees the dire threat posed by an EMP grid take down and is increasingly frustrated with the “Pollyanna’s” who are acting irresponsibly in the face of the threat, especially when some of these people are in positions of responsibility when it comes to protecting the public from a prolonged and catastrophic blackout.

In the letter, Franks points out that on “October 27, 2013, National Geographic aired a docudrama entitled American Blackout. The film showed what our countrymen and nation would experience in the event of a cyber attack on the US bulk power distribution system and a resulting shut down of the grid for 10 days. If anything, the serious hardships, dislocation, physical destruction, deaths and societal breakdown portrayed in this docudrama are likely understated“. In my last article, a Franks’ video was played in which he said an EMP take down of the grid would result in 60% of Americans dying as a result of the event. The Naval War College puts the death rate at 90%.

Franks goes on to chastise NERC for the statements of one of its member electric utilities, the Kissimmee Utility Authority which issued a statement, in response to the film, which clearly chastised the National Geographic docudrama by stating that the threats were overblown. Franks made it clear in his letter, that if anything, the threats of the docudrama were grossly understated! Further, Franks went on to say that the time frame which encompassed the blackout, two weeks, was an additional understatement and “that a sustained blackout would be catastrophic”.  Franks also accuses NERC and its member utilities of historically under-representing the seriousness of the threat of an EMP attack and a subsequent power grid take down.

The main thrust of the Franks’ letter focuses on his lack of trust and sincerity that NERC will bring to the table in testing the nations power grid vulnerabilities in the November 13-14, 2013, Grid EX II drill. The Franks’ letter to NERC turns into an outright condemnation in which he accuses the main sponsor of the Grid EX II. NERC, as being ” dismissive”  and that “the blackout possibilities represents a catastrophic threat to the United States of widespread power loss for potentially months or years that could result in American society tearing itself apart and a horrific loss of human life.

Franks goes on to challenge NERC to disavow the dismissive comments regarding the blackout threat addressed by the Kissimmee Utility Authority. Franks further challenges NERC when he says that “If, however, NERC and others involved in planning and executing Grid EX II are dismissive of those who believe such vulnerabilities exist-and if the planners are intent on using the exercise to hide, rather than expose, the shortcomings-Grid EX may actually be a grave disservice to the consumer, to the public more generally and perhaps to America’s vital national security”.

We’re actually witnessing a Congressman who is exhibiting a high degree of integrity and courage in taking on this issue on behalf of the American people.

Congressman Trent Franks is actually saying that NERC is not to be trusted in their past statements and their actions exhibit the reasons behind the mistrust.

The entire Franks’ letter can be accessed at this link.

Franks Takes Action

Franks, in combination with Representative Pete Sessions, the chairman of the House Rules Committee, has jointly sponsored H.R. 3410, the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, which asks the electric industry leaders pointedly: “In light of these dangers, we want to establish whether you and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation share the view of the utility in Kissimmee? …Or do you believe the public should be concerned that the grid may be offline for extended periods?”  Franks and Sessions are attempting to compel NERC to go on the record with an official position as to the potential threat of an EMP attack upon our infrastructure.

grid ex ii

Last week, the Washington Times published an article authored by Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., a leader of the EMP Coalition and President of the Center of Security Policy. In the article, Dr. Peter Pry of the EMP Coalition, offered four litmus tests that will determine the validity and forthrightness of the Grid EX II drill. Gaffney and Pry went on to express concerns of the Grid EX II drill when Gaffney stated that  “If Grid EX II fails to exercise such daunting – yet all-too-realistic – scenarios, NERC and the participating utilities must be held accountable for not only keeping the American people in the dark, but possibly for condemning them to that condition indefinitely.”

In reading between the lines, I think it is likely that Trent Franks, Pete Sessions and Frank Gaffney, Jr. smell a rat in the Grid EX drill which will commence this morning. I am not going to mince words, the Grid EX II drill has little, if anything to do with testing the grid for vulnerabilities. The purpose of the drill is becoming increasingly clear and the direction that this is taking is very ominous.

The False Flag Overtones of Grid EX II

Although I do not believe that a false flag attack will take place during this drill, other than a few selected beta-tested sporadic blackouts, I believe that the Grid EX II drill is a precursor for an upcoming false flag attack and is also serving as an intelligence gathering activity for foreign entities, namely, the Chinese and the Russians who will take down the grid at a predetermined time. I believe that this drill will show them how to accomplish the takedown. And I believe that time will coincide with a currency collapse because it will be easy to usher in a new fiat currency under the cover of darkness. .

She knows...


She knows…

As a reminder, in the past 11 months, and as recently as August 27, former Homeland Security director, Janet Napolitano, stated very clearly that it is not a matter of “if” the power grid goes down, but “when” the power grid goes down!

Napolitano’s concerns are bolstered by the fact that two of our enemies are participating in this present drill. As I have documented in recent articles, both the Chinese and the Russians have publicly threatened to nuke the United States over the Syria and Iran conflict. If your neighbor threatens to shoot you in the face, are you going to trust him with your innermost secrets and then hand him the keys to your car? That is exactly what we have done with regard to letting the Chinese and Russians anywhere close to a drill that shows them how vulnerable our power grid is. And the purveyors of this drill are not even taking the threats seriously as pointed out in the Franks’ letter. I do not believe that NERC could be this stupid. Treason is a more descriptive term than stupidity with regard to NERC and this President.


These are the express concerns of an American citizen that are now being echoed both directly and indirectly by two members of Congress.

How much more are we going to take?