CPS vs. The Preservation of the Family: Will You Help?

June 10, 2014 in Columnists, Dave Hodges by The Manimal

By Dave Hodges
Republic Broadcasting Network

Monika and her CPS abducted son, Dylan. Help me obtain justice this mother and her son.

The American family and parental rights are under attack like no other time in our history. Under Obamacare, CPS workers now operate under the federally controlled Human Health Services and can enter your home  for no reason. For each child the CPS takes from a parent, the federal government pays the CPS $5,000, plus bonuses if the child is a minority or has a disability. And in each case, there is no due process for the parents.

Most of these abductions are not completed with any charges of wrongdoing against the parent, because the parent has indeed done nothing wrong!

Among the many stories that The Common Sense Show covers, is child abuse and exploitation. Our staff at the The Common Sense Show have decided to make a stand against the abuse as this kink of case represents the main reason for the existence of the show.

Many of you no doubt remember my May 17, 2014 story about how the Virginia CPS abducted Monika Wesolowski’s son, Dylan, without so much as filing a charge against the mother. There is strong evidence that the boy is now being abused and the authorities are not acting because they want their $5,000 per child payment from the federal government for each child they take. On a grand scale, this is about family destabilization. On a micro level, this is about helping a mom regain custody of her child.

Monika needs an outside attorney. The fix is on in her case. The Assistant County Attorney, M. Christopher Sigler refuses to meet with Monika because she can no longer afford an attorney and Sigler refuses to recognize the Supreme Court established right of Pro Se representation in which one serves as their own attorney. Further Sigler wrote to Monika and told her that she should not be in the media. I guess he fears the light of day coverage that the media will bring. Magda Alarcon, a Virginia Department of Family Services social worker is planning to eliminate Monika’s visitation rights with Dylan for daring to go to the media. Alarcon is labeling Monika as “unstable” and “placing her son in jeopardy” for daring to tell this horrific story to the media. This is a violation of Monika’s First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment protections.

The local Fairfax County Bar Association will not assist Monika because all legal hands in Fairfax County will not defend mothers who have had their children stolen by CPS. I am requesting that you help me raise enough money so that Monika can obtain an attorney from outside. No amount is too small. I just ask that all of you reach down into your pockets and give $1, $5, $10 or a $100.

In the eight years that The Common Sense Show has been in existence, I have never solicited funds for any cause. However, this is a line-in-the-sand-event. If we permit states like Virginia to get away with this and we continue to permit state run CPS’ to profit from stealing children, the fabric of the American family will be destroyed.

In Fairfax County, VA., where Monika lives, the officials are so corrupt that they are permitting Dylan to be neglected and abused and they are not responding to evidence of these crimes being committed against a little boy. My entire body of work, as an advocate, is based upon helping people like Monika who have so abused by a corrupt system that they have no chance of living a normal life without some outside intervention. Time is not on our side with regard to this case. Please help me to help Monika and Dylan.

In case you missed the first article about Monika and Dylan, you may click here. The story has moved most people to tears.