“It Is Not a Matter of If, but When the Lights Go Out”

November 11, 2013 in Columnists, Dave Hodges by The Manimal

By Dave Hodges
Republic Broadcasting Network

The evidence is mounting by the day. The United States is on the verge of a power grid failure. It seems that everyone in the “club” knows this fact except for you and me. Who could forget when George Carlin once reminded us that, “we ain’t in the ____ club”. Maybe we should pay attention to what the members of the “club” are saying.

My overwhelming fear for my fellow Americans is that the power grid will fail, as some important people are predicting, and millions of us will be unprepared. We could experience massive civil unrest and be forced into a perpetual state of martial law.

A nation without power, food and normal police protection could literally be reduced to an environment with all of the societal safety protections of a Somalia where chaos and social disorder reigns supreme.

Janet Napolitano Issues a Dire Warning

“A massive and “serious” cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster , the likes of which the nation has never seen is also likely and on its way.” 

Outgoing DHS Director, Janet Napolitano, August 27, 2013

napolitano2Departing Department of Homeland Security director, Janet Napolitano, stated during her farewell speech that it was a matter of “when” the power grid would collapse, not “if”, due to a cyber-based attack.

The centralization of control over the rapidly emerging smart grid, centered around smart meters, certainly increases the odds that a centralized attack would take down the entire power grid. According to Napolitano, the grid has never been more vulnerable to an attack from hackers.

Napolitano’s August warning of a power grid take down was not her first. In the early part of this year, Napolitano stated that a cyber 9/11 attack is imminent. A believable justification for Napolitano’s unanticipated departure as DHS director has never been revealed. Given her very public and ominous warnings about an impending cyber grid take down in the US, might be the main impetus for her departure from the position of DHS director. During her tenure as DHS director, she has done next to nothing to prevent such an attack upon our power grid and infrastructure. Perhaps this modern day version of Nero is exiting Rome before it burns to the ground.

What Do Safeway and Walmart Know That We Don’t?

In a case of judge a man by what he does, not what he says, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently reported that several major corporations, including Walmart and Safeway, are unplugging from the grid. This recent development should be extremely troubling for all Americans who are closely paying attention to the upcoming Grid EX II drill this week.

The WSJ article went on to state that these corporations are becoming energy independent because they do not want to be in a position to trust the reliability of the power grid. This is certainly a legitimate possibility raised by the WSJ. However, since this is a recent trend, and the unplugging of major corporations from the power grid is a trend which coincides with the announced Grid EX II drill which is commencing on November 13th, one has to wonder if these monolithic corporations don’t know something that the rest of us should know. Adding fuel to the fire, other such notables such as Verizon Communications and Edison International are also unplugging from the grid.

Although the WSJ went on to focus on the notion that the recent trend of self-power generation is hurtful to utility companies and cuts into their bottom line, there are other lingering concerns. This could certainly be true, but again, the timing is certainly suspect.

It Is a Fools’ Errand to Predict Disaster Dates

Ilights go outt may be a fool’s errand to predict the date of a grid failure. However, forewarned is indeed forearmed. Awake Americans should not have to be reminded that within most false flag events is a terror drill which substantively ties together the drill with the terrorist event. The 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 bombings serve as prime examples of hiding a false flag event within a terror drill. This strategy has worked very well before and on so many occasions, that it would be naive to not expect this scenario to be played out again when the time is right and the anticipated maximum benefit can be realized from the event.

Along these lines of a coming false flag terror event, the New York Times is currently reporting that …”thousands of utility workers, business executives, National Guard officers, FBI anti-terrorism experts and officials from government agencies in the United States, Canada and Mexico are preparing for an emergency drill in November that will simulate cyber attacks that could take down large sections of the power grid.” To date, 150 businesses have volunteered to participate in the drill. This is a scheduled two day drill commencing on November 13th.


The November 13th Grid EX II drill could be the very event that outgoing DHS director, Janet Napolitano, was warning about as she vacated her post. I am hopeful that if there was a false flag event initially planned for this week, that the plans have been abandoned because of the attention that the event is finally receiving in the alternative media.

grid ex ii

When I recently appeared on KCNR radio (Shasta/Redding, CA.) both talk show hosts and the producer announced that at the Susanville, CA prison, the inmates were making signs which said “martial law”. Adding some credibility to the talk show hosts revelation lies in the fact that one of the talk show hosts, Erin Ryan, is a field representative for Congressman Doug Lamalfa. Again, I am left asking the question, what do some people know that others do not?

false flag grid ex

I agree with good “ole Big Sis”, Janet Napolitano, it is not a matter “if” the grid is going down, it is a matter of “when”. The country may cruise right into the Thanksgiving holiday without a false flag incident, I would just encourage everyone to take a couple of extra precautions.