Russia and the U.S. Are Simultaneously Preparing for Imminent Nuclear War

May 14, 2014 in Columnists, Dave Hodges by The Manimal

By Dave Hodges
Republic Broadcasting Network

Any day?

Recently, I wrote an article in which I stated that world could be within a five week window of an all out war in Ukraine which would also involve surrounding Eastern European countries. The premise of the article was based upon the fact that NATO has scheduled massive war games late this spring and early this summer in Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria and Moldova. The coincidence of these war games represents a clear intention on the part of NATO to consolidate military forces inside Russia’s neighbors in anticipation of an all-out attack by Putin against Ukraine.  As I wrote about earlier this week, we are already witnessing the face-off between American paramilitary forces (i.e. Academi, formerly Blackwater) and Russian paramilitary forces (i.e.  Vnevedomstvenaya Okhrana) in Ukraine.

If Putin truly intends to fully occupy Ukraine and consolidate Russian control over much of  Russia’s gas shipments to the EU, which runs through Ukraine, Putin cannot allow NATO to consolidate its military forces. He must militarily act prior to NATO commencing these war games. The stakes are high as the prize represents the virtual control of much of Europe’s energy. NATO could become fragmented in such a scenario and Putin would be free to gobble up Eastern Europe and Western Europe would become a virtual economic colony of Russia.

Since I wrote the above referenced article on April 21, 2014, events have unfolded which indicate that both the United States are preparing for war against each other and that war will be nuclear. The world has not been this close to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

The Russians Prepare For Nuclear War With the West

According to a Russian navy blog, Russia simulated a nuclear attack involving submarines, bombers and land-based missiles and this massive drill was coordinated under the direct supervision of Putin at the Defense Ministry’s headquarters in Moscow. The nuclear drill simulated a massive retaliatory nuclear strike in response to an enemy attack. This was a live fire drill and involved a Sineva ballistic missile that hit a target on the Kula testing range on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Subsequent warnings were issued to civilian aircraft to stay clear of the massive war games area.

The Russians Have Moved to Lock Down Key Personnel In Anticipation of War

LifeNews is reporting that Russia’s Ministry of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters has issued travel restrictions to all employees like the country’s firefighters, ambulance drivers and rescue troopers. Additionally, a similar travel ban is imposed for parts of employees under the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) including tens of thousands of police officers, prison guards, and other law enforcement agencies like the Federal Drug Control and the Federal Migration Service. Others listed in the travel ban are personnel with access to state secrets, like certain employees of the Foreign Ministry. According to estimates, the total number of travel-restricted personnel number around 250,000 people.

There are two official explanations given to explain the travel ban. First, the Russian government claims that they are enacting measures to prevent the leaking of state secrets to NATO and the United States in particular. Secondly, the travel ban was issued to prevent the possibility of key personnel, holding sensitive information, from being arrested by U.S. law enforcement agencies and subsequently forced to give up the information.

Interestingly, the duration of the travel ban is interminable. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, exceptions would be made in “exceptional circumstances” and for “good reason.”

Russia’s blacklist and banned countries includes a lengthy list of 150 countries that senstive Russian personnel can no longer can visit. Izvestia News is reporting that countries like North Korea and Cuba are not on the banned travel list. Wouldn’t North Korea and Cuba be allied with Russia in any upcoming war with the West?

The Western media is suspiciously silent about the Russians airlifting critical supplies which would be used to support a war effort in Eastern Ukraine. Yet, Russia’s Novosti news service is openly reporting  that “Ammunition for Special Forces is being airlifted for Slaviansk Operation.” This is highly significant because Ukraine Denetsk region is asking to join Russia. Other regions are likely to follow. Russia is further airlifting ammunition into the same region. Even Ray Charles could see that this constitutes preparations for war in Ukraine!

These reports strongly indicate that nuclear war between Russia and NATO could be imminent.

Americans Are Also Preparing For Nuclear War

According to  my friend and present broadcasting colleague, John Moore, a former Green Beret intelligence officer, has recently interviewed  Command Sergeant Major Dan Page in which he announced that 1,000 Russian Spetsnaz, each month are pouring into America via Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. Sergeant Page warns that after arriving at Fort Leonard Wood, these Russian special forces are being sent out to other military bases across the country after receiving their initial training at their arrival location. Clearly, these Spetsnaz commandos would be carrying out fifth column attacks against key American military installations.

In addition to the Page report, the United States government is now preparing for a nuclear attack and its response should a nuclear attack be launched against the U.S. and its interests. The drill is being called Global Lightning.


The fact that Russia and the United States are both conducting nuclear war drills at a time of heightened tensions is a little more than coincidental. The world was in a similar place in 1962 and President Kennedy backed the Russians down with an air and naval blockade. Unfortunately, President Obama is no John Kennedy.