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By Mark Anderson & Jason Mangum

The following official White House petitions shown below are posted  on our new website. They’re designed to address critical elements of the anti-freedom, anti-health Covid-19 crackdown that’s based on flimsy science stemming from the Mass Media Cartel and the Medical Cartel. ‘

As noted, they’re shown below, or you can click on the following World Impact News (WIN) link:


We urge everyone to sign them. And it’s important to note that when you sign, you’ll receive a return email from the White House that you need to briefly process by clicking off on it. Otherwise, your signature is not considered valid and complete. Thank you from World Impact News.  A short WIN video report, entitled “We the People take action, about the petitions can be accessed here:

We, the People Take Action – Sign The Petitions Below

Petition No. 1
Protect Free Exercise of Religious Rights

Religious rights under the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment have been infringed upon by prohibiting, restricting or limiting people and churches from freely exercising their rights. Our inherent rights to speak, assemble and worship freely, along with printing and distribution, are to be without interruption, prejudice and hindrance. But there has been abuse and overreach by federal, state and local governments that violate such freedoms. Therefore, this petition calls for: 1) Removing restrictions that prohibit the free exercise of religion; 2) Opening churches without limitations or hindrances; 3) Taking action against those involved in prohibiting the free exercise of religion to hold them accountable; and 4) Ensuring all First Amendment freedoms are never again infringed upon.



Petition No. 2
End the Shutdown of the Economic System

Fundamental economic activities that ensure Americans’ mental and physical health are being unduly restricted under the Covid-19 response. Millions are being prohibited or severely limited from salvaging their jobs, businesses and livelihoods. Meanwhile, meat-packing plants are being abruptly shut down, which will eliminate countless trucking, stocking and other jobs and risk severe food shortages. This could foster massive spikes in societal unrest, crime, and suicides. Beyond stocks and bonds, the economy is about whether we have food, water, shelter and electricity. Therefore, this petition demands an immediate end to draconian prohibitions on economic activity and a full restoration of business, industry, and all components of the economy under a constitutional free-enterprise system.