7 Examples Of Demonizing Dissent And Public Opinion

December 28, 2015 in News by RBN

Activist Post | Paul A. Phillips

As the Western world powers that be tighten their tyrannical controlling noose on humanity, dissension and public opinion has never been so important: As consistent with the quote from Orwell‘s novel 1984, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

To countermeasure this much-needed dissent and public opinion to raise awareness and free humanity, the powers that be have taken a severe stance on punishing those who have opposing views regardless of truth or untruth to advance an oppressive agenda.

So, in response, during these times of universal deceit and oppression, here are 7 examples of unjustly demonizing dissent and public opinion.

1. Medical Dissension and the AMA’s Gag Orders

To get an even larger slice of the medical monopoly the highly influential AMA (American Medical Association), a wing of the medical/pharmaceutical establishment, has announced plans to put ingag orders designed to control and prevent doctors from speaking out publicly on ‘dubious alternative medical practices.’  Should doctors go outside of the AMA’s guidelines, they could face having their licenses revoked while being unjustly accused of quackery…

This unfairly biased stance will even further hit holistic doctors offering help and advice on track-record proven effective alternative medical practices.

What has the US come to? People, are you going to allow this suppression of free speech? History has shown us time after time that medical advancements resulting in humanitarian contribution have come from challenging medical orthodoxy.  

2. Climate Change

At a recent talk in Austin, Texas for the yearly South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) Al Gore, former vice-president, made a number of pseudo-scientific statements provably wrong about climate change with all its data manipulation in support of this monumental hoax.

Gore described climate change as ‘settled science’ but nothing could be further from the truth. Climate change is far from settled…

No doubt the audience was filled with supporters of the church of climatology who I doubt would be able to answer these questions challenging  climate change.

The powers that be want you to believe in climate change because it’s part of their hidden agenda for power, profit and political gain. Their modus operandi is to punish those who disagree, regardless of the facts contradicting climate change.

As more and more people realize they’ve been had when it comes to climate change the powers that be resort to extreme countermeasures: In the talk, Gore told his audience to ramp up their angst against climate change “deniers,” Some, in support of this extremist left-wing agenda have made films which includes calling global warming critics loathsome and villainous.

The idea that someone should be punished for differences of opinion is the ultimate tyrannical approach. But what do you expect from a bunch of hysterical authoritarians pushing an agenda based on false pretexts who fear having their lies exposed?  

3. War Objection

Another case of demonizing dissent or opinion exists through clamping down on anti-war activists. In the UK, the indefinable terms ‘non-violent extremist’ or ’domestic extremist’ could be used to stigmatize or even criminalize individuals as part of a newly developed aggressive anti-terrorist  de-radicalization program called PREVENT which could be used to target anti-war activists.

Through country-wide legislation, PREVENT has made it the statutory duty for educational establishments, local authorities, NHS trust, police and prisons services to provide ongoing information on those deemed as suspects ‘drawn into terrorism.’

Besides unjustly stigmatizing or even making criminals out of entire Muslim communities, PREVENT has been described as flawed with vague definitions while threatening to erode civil liberties. For instance, officials representing the Child Protection Agency, from a number of signs listing identifiable behavioral characteristics have warned parents that their children may be at risk of being radicalized, which has been met with much criticism.

As a response a number of organizations such as Together Against Prevent have united to campaign against this program.

4. Shutting up Political Dissenters

Democracy’s long-term mortal decline is exemplified by silencing political dissenters on a scale more reminiscent than ever of a dictatorship.

The alternative media has reported many cases where peaceful protesters have been met with extreme pettiness, violence and overreaction from authorities. Take, for example, the recent case of a woman who was apprehended then convicted and fined under the public order act for shouting out “Cameron has blood on his hands” as he switched on the Christmas lights at her home town. At the time the woman was protesting over disability benefit cuts.

Then there are the authorities’ agent provocateurs deployed to create unscrupulous violent reactions leading to unjustified arrests and bad reputation, deliberately manufactured to unfairly justify the clampdown on peaceful protesters.

5. Political Correctness

Political correctness has little to do with protecting minority people or groups from being offended. It’s really about shutting people up, not granting them the right to justly criticize anything while accusing them of something should they talk out.

6. Whistleblower Suppression

In these truly dark times universal deceit and propaganda affects us all. Political reality has been bought and sold as a mass-media package made to manipulate the masses and their general consensus reality with all the needed clichés and falsehoods.

Through artful mass-media censorship the powers that be have created the perfect illusion to gain approval from the masses on the actions they take, allowing them to slyly advance their hidden enslavement agenda.

In true Bernaysian fashion the masses have been programmed and brainwashed through mass media propaganda. Controlled by a small number of elite individuals the masses will never see known as the ‘invisible government.’

Thus, we have an illusory enemy, illusory war, illusory retribution, illusory diversion and distraction; the illegitimate has been made legitimate…

Against the backdrop of insidious forever-accelerating modern fascism I doff my cap to those courageous whistleblowers. The masses not only need to understand the secrets that the powers that be have been harboring, as revealed by whistleblowers like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, but should also understand how they fit into the modern-day context.

That way the awakened masses, having connected the dots, can then spread the word on what’s really happening in the world to others. Raising awareness, peaceful activism and becomingconscious is the key to world change.

7. Vaccinations

The fact that mandatory vaccinations such as SB 271 are being forced on people regardless of their circumstance; by authorities not giving any consideration to the threat of potential injury for some from vaccine toxicity, that it’s based on pseudoscience, ignoring religious objection, or discarding the alternative opinion that immunity is better handled from a naturopathic point of view… should be enough to send a red flag warning…

I have written extensively on why vaccinations should be avoided at all costs (see SB 271).

All in all

As consistent with the above quote from Orwell‘s novel 1984, dissent and public opinion has never been so needed to bring back sanity into an insane world by exposing the lies and ulterior motives of the powers that be.

Those in positions of authority involved in demonizing dissension or opinion need to understand that they’ve been deceived and are being played like others as pawns in a very big game.

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site NewParadigm.ws