City of Boston’s license plate reader database was online in plain text with no password protection

PrivacySOS The Boston Transportation Department has been operating a license plate tracking program seeking to identify parking scofflaws, people with expired insurance, stolen cars, and even people suspected of gang
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Quiet Change Expands ATF Power to Seize Property

Source: Cato Institute  A quick glance at the Federal Register (Vol. 80, No. 37, p. 9987-88) today reveals that Attorney General Eric Holder, who earned cautious praise last month for
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The Senate is giving more power to the NSA, in secret. Everyone should fight it

Source: The Guardian One of the most underrated benefits of Edward Snowden’s leaks was how they forced the US Congress to shelve the dangerous, privacy-destroying legislation– then known as Cispa
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How Drones Are Undermining Your Civil Liberties

New drones made for domestic use can fire pepper spray and paintballs, and Senior Aviation Correspondent John F. O’Donnell gets it in the face.

Chicago to buy spying street lamps

The city of Chicago plans to implement a new system monitoring weather, noise and pollution levels, that is raising privacy concerns among some civil liberties advocates. Devices will be placed
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