Biden Admits That Chaos Is the Plan for the Mexican Border

May 12, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


Source: PJ Media


Here in the border states, we’re getting ready for the consequences of the Biden administration’s decision to let the pandemic-era Title 42 expire, and questions are being asked.

The obvious one is: “Why now?”

As we have been chronicling here at PJ Media since, oh, January 2021, the always problematic U.S.-Mexico border has been an even bigger nightmare during President LOLEightyonemillion’s time in office. They’ve let Title 42 hang around this long to keep the border from hitting an Armageddon point. It’s a full-blown humanitarian and national security crisis down there now, maybe it’s not the best time to find out what might be the worst that can happen.

The administration is preparing for the you-know-what-show with a series of band-aid measures that could help for a while.

The Wall Street Journal:

The first group of American troops is being deployed to the southern border on Wednesday as the Biden administration prepares for the expiration of Title 42, a pandemic-era measure, later this week.

The active-duty troops are being sent to El Paso, Texas, the site of the largest surge of migrants crossing illegally anywhere along the border in the current wave, a U.S. official said on a call with reporters Tuesday night.

In the next few weeks, the administration is deploying up to 1,500 troops, who aren’t allowed to perform arrests themselves but will assist agents with processing migrants.

Border Patrol agents have averaged more than 8,000 arrests a day along the border in recent days, up from about 4,000 to 5,000 a day in the winter.

According to the Journal, new rules will be put in place that supposedly will threaten deportation to any migrants who don’t follow procedure. As we have seen so many times with the Democrats, however, it’s not whether the rules in place are adequate, it’s whether they’re enforced. When I hear the Dems talking tough about deporting people who haven’t played by the rules to get across the border, my skepticism gets skepticism of its own.

Worry not, my fellow concerned American citizens, your president has a plan:

“We’re doing all we can,” Mr. Biden told reporters at the White House on Tuesday when asked if the U.S. was ready for the anticipated surge of migrants at the southern border. “It remains to be seen. It’s gonna be chaotic for a while.”

Actually, if they were doing all that they could, they would have extended Title 42.

The President of the United States needs to have something a little more substantive than “Heck if I know,” when addressing the public about a national crisis.

Unless, of course, the chaos is the plan.

It’s not too far-fetched to think that the Democrats wouldn’t mind being overwhelmed by the post-Title 42 hordes. It would be a convenient excuse to throw their hands in the air and say, “Well, we tried!” Then they could get to work on turning any of the migrants who “accidentally” got through in the aforementioned chaos into new Democrats.

That, of course, is the endgame of all Democratic border policy, so I’m not wandering into tinfoil hat territory with the idea. In fact, the donning of a tinfoil hat almost guarantees a correct take on an issue these days.

Whatever plans or non-plans the Democrats have regarding the border for the next few months, things in this part of the world are sure to be less safe.

Which won’t bother anyone in Washington.

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