Court Backs School for Banning U.S. Flag Shirt on Cinco de Mayo

February 28, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Political Outcast

The Ninth Circus Court of Appeals is back in form, ruling that a Northern California High School was correct when it banned U.S. flag T-shirts during a Cinco de Mayo festival, calling it a safety issue.

Administrators at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California, a San Jose suburb, were afraid that the sight of the U.S. flag would incite Latino students to violence during the Mexican holiday.

The unanimous three-judge panel said that the administrators’ fear of violence was sufficient to justify removing the white students’ freedom of expression. According to the panel, past racial violence at the school justified the administrators’ decision.

Did you notice how the fears of violence are justification for removing white students’ rights, but not for putting any restrictions or behavioral rules on the Latino students?

The high school is a parallel of the amnesty argument going on in most of the country, because there too, it’s the troublemakers who are getting the run of things, while other, particularly white, people are told to shove off as their rights are assaulted.

It’s made even more outrageous that the Latino students’ behavior is tolerated when you reflect that Cinco de Mayo is at best a minor holiday in Mexico. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Battle of Puebla, when Mexican forces of about 4,500 defeated 8,000 French troops sent by Napoleon III to establish a French-controlled presence in Central America.

The battle provided a morale boost for Mexico but little else, as the Mexican army was defeated a year later.

In Mexico, the festival is a minor holiday. It’s mostly in the United States that Cinco de Mayo has become an annual celebration of Mexican pride and, under the influence of illegal immigrants, an in-your-face cultural display.

But liberals will never miss a chance to disrespect American and call it cultural diversity.

This year, students should deliberately wear the U.S. flag. Then, if racial violence starts, school administrators can round up the guilty and give them the boot for a change.