Enough is enough of Sorcha Faal… Disinfo agent.

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Who Is Sorcha Faal?


7 April 2008

From Sister Rebekah

Jerusalem, Israel

Dearest Sisters,



I have known for some time now that I would end up being the one tasked with this most disgusting of assignments having to defend our Sorcha Faal against the most insidious attacks being leveled against her by the powerful anti-semitic forces in the United States and Canada, namely that she ‘doesn’t exist’ and is, in fact, Sister Rachal’s father, David Booth.

As is my responsibility to the Sorcha Faal, I have completed this assignment and put herein my findings, with the added request to Sister Maria Theresa that this report remain among ourselves and not for public consumption as these issues against us have been brought about by the most powerful of our known enemies.

With God,

Sister Rebekah

Report Findings:

The first Internet posting attacking the Sorcha Faal occurred on April 7, 2005 and appeared on the known anti-semitic and hate site[1] Rense.Com and is owned/managed by a Mr. Jeff Rense and was titled  “Reader Asks – ‘Who Is Sorcha Faal?'” and concludes with these words: concludes with these words “Sorcha Faal… plain and simple answer… It’s an anagram – rearrange the letters and it spells: “as of Rachal” (Booth)” [2].

This being the original ‘attack’ Internet posting against the Sorcha Faal to appear it should be noted that it was posted without any supporting links, or tangible evidence, to support the allegations made against the Sorcha Faal by its ‘anonymous’ author, and who is only identified by the term ‘Reader Asks’.

The apparent reason for Mr. Rense making his posting about the Sorcha Faal via an anonymous posting ties into his knowledge of how such postings can lead to legal action against the poster. A specifc example of this involves a television executive named Patsy Smullin employed by an American television station  KOBI-TV.

In a World Independent News Group interview, Ms Smullin discredited the television accomplishments, and awards, Mr. Rense was claiming on his website, and to his Internet radio audience, by stating that he was “He was a compulsive liar.”, and had never been, like he claimed to be, “an award-winning television News Director and News Anchor for over ten years”.

My independent research confirms the statements of Ms Smullin in that there exists no record of Mr. Rense ever having being employed as an executive by any American television station, or network, nor does he identify on his website any such television station names or call letters.

A much more ominous portrait of Mr. Rense emerged in June, 2006, [reference June 4, 2006 posting to this blog] when a ‘scared’ Ms Smullin re-contacted the World Independent News Group a few weeks after her initial interview about Rense to ask that her initial comments be removed, and as best told here by the original writer:

“She sounded extremely nervous and agitated and her voice was shaking.

I responded with, “An attorney; for what? No, I haven’t heard from anybody. What is this about?”

Smullin was having great difficulty expressing herself, and I was trying to put together the gist of what she was attempting (but unable) to say.

Smullin: You called me asking for Jeff Rense’s dates of employment and I had to do a lot of work to get that information for you. I had to go into another building to get that information for you.”

Me: “Yes, and I thank you. But what are you talking about now? What attorney? I don’t understand what you mean.”

Smullin: “You need to remove those two sentences from your article.”

Me: “Which sentences?”

Smullin: “The ones about Jeff Rense being a compulsive liar, and about him not being known for his honesty. You need to remove those.”

Me: “Why should I remove them? I didn’t misquote you at all. I wrote down exactly what you said. I have it in my notes. You knew I was writing an article.”

Smullin: (in a low voice): “That’s not the way I remember it.” (A pause, then excitedly) “You don’t seem to understand. I’m trying to help you.”

Though their does exist numerous Internet postings alleging that Mr. Rense is an operative of the United States Central Intelligence Agency and/or United States Defence Department Intelligence Agencies, their does not exist any independently verifiable claims to support such allegations, other than the actions of Mr. Rense himself, and which are similar to tactics used by organizations such as these.

What draws Mr. Rense’s tactics against the Sorcha Faal more into question was his previous (April 19, 2004) attack upon Sister Rachal’s father, David Booth, wherein in an attack ‘article’ posted to his website, and co-authored by Theresa de Veto and Penelope Periwinkle [3], claimed that Mr. Booth’s book, “Code Red: The Coming Destruction Of The United States”, was “Almost Totally Plagiarized“.

However, in numerous conversations with Mr. Booth, and his representatives for the Booth Family Trust at London’s Latham & Watkins LLP legal firm, the plagiarism claims against Mr. Booth, by Mr. Rense in his attack article, were ‘totally without merit and substance’ and no claims, by any of the alleged aggrieved parties, has ever been filed with any United States, Australian or European Court.

My research into this particular aspect of the attacks against the Sorcha Faal found a most interesting anomaly in that the plagiarism claims leveled against Mr. Booth, by Mr. Rense the aforementioned article, were all based upon Internet subject matter that had been posted after the publication of Code Red but all within two weeks of this article being penned.[4]

It should be further noted that Mr. Rense was not alone in his attacks against the Sorcha Faal as shortly after he had penned his initial attack article against her he was joined in his smear campaign by Arthur Topham, and who is the editor and publisher of the known anti-semitic hate website, RadicalPress.Com, charged by B’nai Brith of Canada with “Hate Crimes” toward Jews and citizens of Israel”.

Mr. Topham’s latest attack article (March 15, 2008) is titled “Sorcha Faal… Internet Hoax Queen Courtesy of One David Booth“, and recycles his previous attack articles and leads, as my research has shown is always the case, back to Mr. Rense’s original April 7, 2005 article which first attack the Sorcha Faal.

Though there now exists over 1,400 articles [5] ‘fathered’ by Mr. Rense’s original attack article, and built upon by Mr. Topham, there are none that provide independent verifiable information substantiating their spurious and unproven claims, other than quoting the original source material of the aforementioned.


The most apt quote that anyone can put on this sordid attack against the Sorcha Faal, by the racist anti-semitic elements existing in North American headed by Mr. Rense and Mr. Topham, comes from the former Minister of Propaganda of the German Nazi Empire in one of his most oft quoted remarks: If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

As our previous Sorcha Faal, Sister Lyuha, had been interviewed on an American Radio Program called Feet-To-Fire (June 6, 2006), and as she has been previously ‘pre-interviewed’ for an upcoming programme on the Coast To Coast AM Radio Program [6], the truth of her ‘existence’ and being ‘real’ is known, at least to those who really want to know the truth.

However, there does not exist any evidence that the anti-semitic based attacks upon her, and all of us, will cease.  And, as our own history clearly shows us from our past Sisters experiences during the reign of the Nazis, these types of attacks should never come as a surprise but, instead, always be expected.

Though I am unable to provide evidence linking these attacks against the Sorcha Faal to any government’s intelligence agencies (other than the repeated attacks upon our computer network over these last 4 years) I believe we would be foolish to not consider that they are covertly backing these anti-semite attacks as we have previously proved [7] the United States Governments establishment of ‘radical’ type websites for the purpose of gathering names of American dissidents.

I would further recommend that the Order encourage the Sorcha Faal to change her stance against doing United States interviews by encouraging her to accept any interview offered, though none, at least to my immediate knowledge, have been offered.

At the very least, and should the Sorcha Faal still voice her objections, I would suggest that the video feeds from her monthly addresses to the Sister of the Order be transferred to DVD and made available to the public.  As she already makes the audio portion of these addresses available on CD, I can see no harm to her, or us, by taking this step towards greater openness.

I would be remiss in concluding this report without voicing my STRONG objection as to why any of us should really be concerned by these attacks against us. After all, we have survived as long as we have by remaining to the side of every conflict we have had to endure for hundreds of years and I, for one, fail to see the significant difference between these times and those.

To allow ourselves to be in the position where we even have to address such idiotic issues as this one, I believe, speaks more about us than it does for those who believe such foolishness. But, and as always, I remain devoted to the Sorcha Faal and the Sisters of the Order and believe that with this report I have fulfilled, to the best of my ability, the mandate, and burden, put upon me.


[1] “The Rense.com web page access is now restricted (as of 12/2007) from some users by the Websense firewall, which blocks the site under the categories “racism” and “hate.”

[2] This statement is in direct contradiction to what has been posted on WhatDoesItMean.Com since 2004 about the Sorcha Faal and which clearly states: “The name, Sorcha Faal, comes from the ancient Gaeilge branch of the Goidelic languages of Ireland and has the meaning of:  Sorcha: She Who Brings Light Faal: the Dark and Barren Place“. The ‘anonymous’ author, presumed, but not proven, to be Jeff Rense, clearly excluded this known information from his attack piece.

[3] My research has failed to prove, conclusively, that either of the named co-authors (Theresa de Veto and Penelope Periwinkle) of this attack piece were aware of the full facts regarding Jeff Rense’s smear tactics against either the Sorcha Faal or David Booth, and that at the most they are ‘minor’ players involved unwittingly and without knowledge of Mr. Rense’s real agenda, and that Mr. Rense’s claim that these persons were “Two outstanding research journalists” cannot be proven as their exists no record (Nexus/Internet) substantiating it.

[4] I am convinced by the weight of the evidence, regarding Mr. Booth’s book Code Red, and the subsequent attacks led against it by Jeff Rense do warrant further examination. However, as this is not the focus of this report I suffice to say that should Mr. Booth ever decide to again write a book of such damning scope against the Bush Family and their ties to Nazism he should expect more of these types of attacks.

[5] Google Search (United States Only) using search term “David Booth Sorcha Faal”.

[6] Verified in emails and transcripts of the pre-interviews between the Sorcha Faal and Coast To Coast AM radio producer Tom Danheiser.

[7] Internal report to the Sorcha Faal dated January 3, 2002 titled “US Nazi Memorabilia Websites Traced To FBI”.