If you own anything priced in U.S. dollars…

August 3, 2015 in Gold and Silver, News by RBN Staff

Mark Down This Date: October 20, 2015

For the first time in 35 years, an upcoming announcement could start a new era
in modern finance, and could create a once-in-a-lifetime moneymaking opportunity.

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Thank you for joining us. I’m Jared Kelly… here with Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, a former mutual fund Vice President and hedge fund manager.

Steve is Chief Strategist at one of the world’s largest independent financial research firms – with over 400,000 clients in 170 countries.

He’s appeared on Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg Television. Now Steve – you’ve just released one of the biggest financial predictions of your career… and it’s been going viral. Give us the breakdown.

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Well Jared, it’s simple. I predict that on or around October 20th, 2015, we’ll see an announcement from one of the most powerful financial organizations on earth… unlike anything we’ve seen in 35 years…

This announcement could cause a shift in the international currency markets on a scale we may never see again in our lifetime.

Billions of dollars could change hands in a single morning.


But what does that mean for everyday Americans?


Well, for anyone who has their savings or investments priced in U.S. dollars, let me tell you – what I believe is coming to America in October will be incredibly important. I predict it’ll trigger one of the biggest transfers of wealth in decades. This is something you’ll tell your grandchildren about. You absolutely must be prepared, and understand what’s about to happen.

If you own stocks, bonds, real estate, or even just cash in a bank account… I promise you, this upcoming announcement could be literally a once-in-a-generation opportunity to be in the right place at the right time.


What do you mean by that, exactly?


I mean there’s a chance to make a LOT of money on this thing. If you know what’s likely to come in October, gains of 500% to 1,000% are within reach in the years to come.

And it all boils down to one organization: the IMF.

A Big Announcement


The International Monetary Fund.


Right. In October, the International Monetary Fund is going to make a huge announcement that could radically alter the financial markets. It’ll cause some assets to soar and others to crash. It’ll start a domino effect that will essentially determine who in America gets rich in the years to come… and who struggles.


So just to be clear: You’re not talking about inflation, interest rates, unemployment figures… or any of that stuff, are you?


No. I’m talking about something that could move more money, more quickly – than anything I’ve personally seen in 20 years in finance.

And that’s because what’s happening in October will cause a major potential shift in the world CURRENCY markets. OK?

And what you have to realize, Jared, is that the currency market is the world’s largest and most vital marketplace. It’s much, much bigger than the stock market. It’s also –


Wait a minute, Steve. Why would a move in the currency market have any real importance? I mean, usually that stuff only affects big banks or traders… or, I don’t know, people living overseas…



The currency market is almost 200 times bigger than the stock market. OK? 200 times bigger. Let me tell you… When something big happens to the currency market – it affects absolutely everybody.

In October, I believe the IMF’s currency announcement will trigger dramatic changes for anyone holding U.S. dollars. Whether you like it or not.


Have you seen this story in the press?


That’s the remarkable thing about it. Hardly anyone’s talking about this. When I first started investigating this story I saw one small article on the back pages of Bloomberg, and another short piece that was practically buried in the Wall Street Journal. That’s it. But that’s already changing. I’m seeing more and more about it every day. But most investors still don’t understand the consequences. And that’s why, as the October deadline nears, I predict this story will explode. I mean, look what happened back in January – in Switzerland.

First the Franc… Next the Dollar


You mean the crisis with the Swiss Franc…


Right. Most people don’t know this… but on January 15th, 2015, around 9:30 in the morning – with basically NO WARNING whatsoever – the Swiss central bank announced they were depegging their nation’s currency.

Remember, until that moment… the value of the Swiss Franc was tied to the Euro. Which meant the Franc was considered to be very safe. It had very low interest rates, so traders around the world could borrow with it.


But all that changed on January 15th…


Right, it changed overnight, and it absolutely clobbered people who weren’t prepared.

In a matter of hours, the Swiss Franc soared as high as 40%… which caused investors to dump Swiss stocks left and right, because the Franc was too expensive. I’m talking about quality stocks like Nestle, Credit Suisse, Cartier…

Billions were wiped off the Swiss stock market in what was the largest one-day drop in almost 30 years.


And now you’re predicting a similar situation could soon unfold with the U.S. dollar… in the immediate aftermath of the October announcement from the IMF.


These guys only get together twice a decade to talk about this type of currency shift, Jared, and what they’re announcing could literally redefine the landscape of modern finance.

Just to give you a taste… When the Swiss Franc was depegged back in January, literally millions of middle-class Europeans outside of Switzerland lost a fortune… because they’d borrowed money in Swiss Francs. Right? So all of a sudden, they owed 40% more than they did the day before. It was a nightmare.


I remember hearing about that… And there were riots at the currency exchange centers…


Well, I don’t know if I’d call them riots…

But yes, within hours of the announcement – people all along the Swiss border realized there was an incredible arbitrage opportunity. So they flooded the local currency exchange centers to get Euros. I mean there were two-hour lines at currency kiosks. Some Swiss ATMs didn’t even have enough Euros to dispense.


And I remember that made the Wall Street Journal


After the fact, sure, the story made headlines… but you didn’t see a paper like the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, or The New York Times predict it, at least not to my knowledge. The mainstream media usually doesn’t even see this kind of thing coming and they’re typically incapable of giving people any warning.

Which is why I’ve been pounding the table about the October decision.

If a currency as minor as the Swiss Franc can rattle millions of people in Europe – you can just imagine what would happen if a big currency like the U.S. dollar goes through a change.

I mean, I can tell you the chief executive of Swatch – the Swiss watchmaker – said that depegging the Franc was literally a tsunami for the export industry, and the entire country.

One guy said his mortgage payment shot up more than $240 in a single week.


So Swiss citizens were essentially blind-sided by this out-of-the-blue announcement…


They had no way of preparing.

I mean the average Swiss citizen didn’t think twice about the Franc… the way people right here in the U.S. don’t really think about the value of the U.S. dollar. Why should we? Everything we own is priced in dollars – and everything we buy is priced in dollars.

That’s why I can say if you understand and know how to position yourself for what’s coming to the dollar in October – almost NO other decision you make with your money will matter.


That’s a bold prediction. Why do you say that?


Well, you have to realize the Swiss Franc is like a speck of dirt compared to the worldwide importance and use of the U.S. dollar. OK?

If the recent shift in the Swiss Franc affected an entire country – just imagine what the ramifications could be in October.

Government and public debt in the U.S. is about 100 times more than that of Switzerland.

And there are over $1 trillion dollars of physical U.S. currency in the world, which is about 3,000 TIMES more than the circulation of Swiss Francs.


Wow… I didn’t realize that. So you’re predicting colossal-


Wait a minute. Hold on. So what I’m saying is that the IMF announcement coming up in October will directly affect the global use of U.S. dollars.

OK? This won’t be something that only hedge funds or international bankers feel. A swift movement in the dollar will affect nearly everyone in the world and Americans most of all.

And that’s because so many U.S. dollars are in circulation, compared to any other currency. Not to mention how much more dollar-denominated debt there is – and things that are priced in U.S. dollars…


OK. Let’s get something straight here for a second, Steve. What’s going to happen in October? What’s the IMF going to announce?

October 20: Huge threat to U.S. Dollar


It all comes down to one thing:

The reserve currency system.

You see, the International Monetary Fund is like a club of bankers from all over the world who regulate the international monetary system. And in particular – they exert the rare power to control what’s known as the world’s “reserve currencies.”


Correct me if I’m wrong, Steve… But most people believe there’s only one single reserve currency in the world. But there are actually SEVEN major different reserve currencies right now, right?


Right. Exactly. And that brings me to the heart of this upcoming announcement from the IMF. You see, reserve currencies are the most important financial instrument in the world.

It’s what Governments use to pay their debts and diversify their savings and investments.

Any change to the world’s “reserve currencies” has repercussions felt around the world, putting literally hundreds of billions of dollars into motion, in a matter of minutes. And they –


Stop right there. I got to ask you. Are you predicting the IMF is going to announce that the U.S. dollar is no longer the world’s #1 reserve currency?


No. Absolutely not. That’s not what I’m saying at all, Jared, and I’m glad you brought that up, because I know lots of people have been talking about that idea in recent years. But that’s not what I suspect the IMF will announce in October.

Believe it or not, what I’m predicting will actually have even bigger consequences. I’m convinced they’re going to make a huge and dramatic change to the reserve currency SYSTEM – which will affect every single American in the next few years significantly. OK? But to explain what’s going to happen – I need you to understand what a reserve currency really is, exactly.




Well by definition – a reserve currency is money held in significant quantities as a means of international payments and settlements. OK? Does that make sense?


Right, like an international basis for exchange…


And as most Americans know, for about the last 48 years now, the United States Dollar has been the world’s DOMINANT reserve currency. Right?

That means, the U.S. Dollar is the most widely accepted and widely used currency in the world.


And that’s probably one of our biggest advantages as a nation, wouldn’t you say? I mean most people don’t realize what a huge privilege that is for the U.S. Dollar…


I agree. I mean America is the only country in the world that doesn’t have to pay for its imports in a foreign currency. We can simply print more money whenever we need to.

For other countries, it’s almost unfair in comparison…

For example, when South Korea wants to buy beef from Argentina… both countries have to first switch their home currency into U.S. dollars to settle the transaction. Same thing if Germany wants to buy oil from Saudi Arabia.

So even when the U.S. isn’t directly involved in a trade, our dollars usually are. And of course, that helps support the U.S. economy.


OK. And all of this feeds into the announcement that you’re predicting in October…

The IMF’s Private Meeting… revealed


Right. Here’s what’s going to happen…

I predict that in October, the IMF will announce that there’s going to be a NEW currency added to the pie, a NEW currency that will receive “reserve currency status.”

And when that happens, billions of dollars – maybe even hundreds of billions – will flood AWAY FROM the U.S. dollar and INTO this new reserve currency.


But wait a minute… You just said you’re not predicting the dollar will lose its dominant status…


I’m not.

And that’s the scary part about all this, Jared. People don’t understand how subtle this is… and yet, how dangerous it is for everyday Americans.

What I’m predicting is that one particular currency that’s NEVER been a reserve currency before is about to break through and BECOME a new reserve currency. OK? Which means that a foreign country will take a massive bite out of the pie the U.S. has been enjoying since World War Two.

Remember, the U.S. dollar is the dominant reserve currency, which means countries and businesses around the world must purchase OUR dollars to execute THEIR trades.

But what happens if some other currency enters the game? Right? All of a sudden we’ve got competition… We have to share the pie…


What do you mean we have to “share the pie”?


Well, let me show you something…

This is a pie chart that shows all of the currencies that qualify for “reserve” status, and the percentages in which they’re held by governments around the world…

You can see that the U.S. dollar is, by far, the dominant reserve currency.

The only one that comes close is the Euro… and then after that, the Japanese yen.

So right now, the U.S. dollar owns a staggering 62% of the pie. Over half the central banks in the world hold money in the dollar.


But you’re predicting that’s all going to change… as it did for the Swiss Franc back in January…


Right. You see, twice a decade, the executive board of the IMF meets to reassess the world’s reserve currencies.

And we haven’t seen a major change to the reserve currency system in over 35 years.

But in October, we’re going to see a NEW currency enter the reserve system… and that single announcement will set off a chain reaction throughout the financial markets.

Some assets could absolutely soar and make investors a fortune, and other assets could fall. Investors who don’t see it coming could be devastated.


It’s scary to think how the markets were rattled by the Swiss Franc change back in January. The Swiss Franc doesn’t even make up 1% of the pie, right?


And that’s exactly why I’m saying the coming shift in the U.S. dollar in October could lead to the biggest redistribution of wealth we’ve seen in the modern history of U.S. finance.

In fact, I estimate the October decision will alter about 10% to 15% of the world’s reserve currency make-up. Again, we’re talking billions and billions of dollars start moving if something big happens with the U.S. dollar.


OK… So what do you predict the currency pie will look like when this IMF announcement comes to pass?


I think this move could eventually affect as much as 50% of the reserve currency pie, Jared.

You see – what you have to realize is that any big change to the way countries hold their reserve currencies will have an immediate and massive impact on the currency markets. And remember how big the currency market is, 200 times the size of the New York Stock Exchange.

It’ll cause extraordinary shifts of wealth. While most people are trying to squeeze money out of ordinary stocks, bonds and real estate, I believe you could make gains up to 500% in the right investments – very, very safely in the coming years.

All because you took the time to prepare.


Let’s talk about that for a second. Why do you believe certain investments will take off if a new currency is added to the reserve system in October? Wouldn’t the entire U.S. market and economy take a hit?


No. Some assets will take a hit, yes. But you have to remember what happened in America back in the ’70s, when something similar happened.

Worse than 1970s Dollar Crisis


You mean the dollar crisis back in the ’70s…


Right. Some people may not remember this, but back on August 15th, 1971, President Richard Nixon went on live television and made a very important announcement to the American people. He announced that the United States dollar would no longer be backed by gold.


And of course, that was in response to the rise of energy prices and unemployment…


Well, it happened for those reasons, but also because of the rise in international competition, and because U.S. gold reserves were being depleted at an extraordinary rate. Foreign governments were exchanging their U.S. dollars for real gold. And the reaction to the President’s announcement was immediate. It created an era that’s known today as “the Nixon Shock.”

Governments around the world weren’t allowed to exchange their U.S. dollars for U.S. gold anymore. The price of goods and gasoline skyrocketed. Nixon had to impose a 90-day freeze on wages just to stabilize inflation. Unemployment and inflation ultimately hit 10% in just a few years.

And people got out of the U.S. dollar, big-time.


But you’re saying that even back then, during the dollar plunge of the 1970s, certain key assets took off and smart investors made money.



In fact, if you look at the entire spectrum of the market from that era, you’ll notice that certain assets here and abroad began moving dramatically.

Silver, for example, took off by 739%.

And what I’m predicting for today, Jared, is that beginning in October, the same thing will happen again.

In the months and years to come, we’ll see the U.S. dollar plunge just as it did back in the ’70s. And as a result, some assets are going to get crushed – while others absolutely soar.

Billions could leave the U.S. Dollar


But Steve, let me ask you something…

Why do you believe this event will play out the way you predict? I mean do you have some sort of inside contact at the IMF? A personal connection?


I don’t need a connection at the IMF to understand what’s coming, Jared. All the facts are plain to see right in the IMF’s 2015 work schedule…

This is a document that’s available to the general public. Now of course, like most official documents – it’s full of acronyms and jargon.

But if you look at page 11 of the agenda, you’ll see clear as day the exact timeline for how this will all play out in the months to come.


How so?


Well, for one thing you can see that the IMF began their twice-a-decade currency discussion in May. They met to discuss a special basket of reserve currencies, what they call “SDRs”… and you can also see their plan to make their decision about any change to the basket and issue a public announcement by October.

Now as I’ve already said, I predict the IMF will announce that a new currency will be added to this basket of approved reserve currencies in October. I can’t know the exact day, of course… but typically these announcements happen on a Tuesday, which means October 20th is the most likely date of the announcement. It could happen on the 18th… or maybe the 22nd… but the exact day doesn’t matter.

What matters, Jared, is this: Of the six largest economies in the world, there’s just ONE whose currency hasn’t yet been declared an official reserve. OK? And you can probably guess which country I’m talking about…




China, China, China. And it’s inevitable…

Anyone familiar with today’s currency markets can see that the announcement in October will be all about China and their “renminbi” currency – known as “the yuan.”

I’m as confident as I’ve been in two decades in finance, including after getting my Ph.D. in currencies, that in October, the IMF will approve the yuan as an additional world reserve currency. Period. End of story.


Wow… But if that happens, the Yuan will receive unprecedented power on the world stage. I mean governments and major banks around the globe will begin moving their holdings OUT of the U.S. dollar, and into the Chinese yuan.

Is that correct?


Not only is that correct, Jared, but it’ll happen to the tune of literally hundreds of billions of dollars – which means you need to position yourself for it NOW.

Millions of people holding certain U.S. assets could become poorer, virtually overnight. It’ll be the biggest currency event of our lifetime.

Chinese currency to be world power


And yet the story isn’t even mainstream yet…


Not yet, but it will be… believe me. It’ll be the top story on TV. That’s why I’ve been begging people to take advantage of this coming event right now… while most people in the press don’t even understand this thing.

Remember, whether you care about this stuff or not… this currency announcement is going to have a massive impact on every single American – because the majority of our savings and our investments are priced in U.S. dollars.

Demand for dollars will fall… Right? And that’s the result of simple economics. If China’s currency is approved for reserve currency status, it’ll be a 10-point earthquake in the financial market.


Now Steve, let me just say: I don’t necessarily doubt you about all this…

I mean for the past twenty years now, you’ve been predicting some of the biggest financial stories in the business…

The collapse of the Russian ruble in ’98…

The rise in gold prices in the early 2000s…

The aftermath of the 2013 Argentinian currency crisis…

The collapse of the Japanese yen over the last 3 years…

And I know that you’ve made something like five or six different recommendations in the past couple years that have doubled – one of which is up as much as, what, 400% or so right now.

But having said all that – let me ask you this point-blank: How can you be 100% sure the Chinese yuan will win approval for world reserve currency status?

Where’s your evidence?

4 Reasons the Chinese Yuan will Win Reserve Currency Status this October


Well, the evidence is overwhelming. I’d say there are about four main reasons altogether.

The first is, you have to realize China now has the LARGEST economy in the world.

This happened in late 2014, actually… China’s economy surpassed America’s based sheerly on purchasing power. And the interesting thing is, this data comes from the International Monetary Fund – the very same group that will be making the decision about the Chinese yuan this October.


Well it definitely makes sense that the country with the biggest economy should have a currency that’s part of the world’s reserve system…


Of course it makes sense!

I mean the fact is, China is the world’s leading exporter as well as one of the world’s largest creditors (second only to Japan). That means that most countries around the world look to CHINA for financial help… including the U.S.

Do you realize, Jared, that we borrow billions from China, every single day? In total, today we as a country owe China something like $1.3 trillion dollars.


That’s insane.

So why has China even waited this long to be accepted as a world reserve currency? I mean if they wanted to, China has the ability to single-handedly crush the U.S. dollar, right? They could just dump their trillion dollars of U.S. debt obligations on the open market. The entire U.S. market would tremble.


Theoretically maybe… but I don’t think they would do that. I’m not predicting the end of the U.S. dollar, or anything like that.

The point is that China now holds a tremendous amount of leverage in the financial world.

They’re going to get what they want, or else they’re going to make life very difficult for the United States and anyone else who owes them large amounts of money. The bottom-line is that it could spark a once-in-a-generation move in the world of international banking and finance. And if it all plays out the way I think it will – it’s going to have a major impact on you and your money.


OK, what else? You said there were four reasons why the Chinese yuan will win approval…

Yuan already came close in 2010


Right, and the second reason is that China already came quite close in 2010.


You mean this isn’t the first time the IMF has considered the yuan for reserve currency status?


No, it’s not. The last time they had a meeting like this 5 years ago, the discussion was all about the yuan.

And the only reason the IMF decided against it back in 2010, was because they felt China wasn’t a large enough exporter yet, and not enough people were trading in yuan.

But boy, that’s definitely changed…


How so?


Well in 2013, China became the number one exporter in the world…

The proportion of China’s exports and imports settled in the yuan has increased nearly six fold in just three years.

In fact I saw in the International Business Times that the yuan is now among the top two most-used payment currencies in the world.


So in other words: The roadblocks that stopped this from happening in 2010 have been cleared in time for the coming October 2015 decision.

Yuan now used by 10,000s of banks


It’s been a gradual but rapidly growing process. And that brings me to the third reason why I think it’s going to happen. The yuan is already unofficially a reserve currency all around the world…

I mean do you realize there are now a dozen official offshore yuan clearing centers? These are in places like Canada, Germany, Hong Kong…

Meanwhile more than 10,000 financial institutions are doing business in the Chinese yuan – which is actually up 1,000% from June 2011, if you can believe that.


Interesting. But how does that compare to the euro?


Well as a matter of fact, in December 2013, the yuan OVERTOOK the euro to become the second most-used currency in global trade after the U.S. dollar. It’s remarkable to think about that, but it’s true. The data all comes from an unbiased international agency called SWIFT – which monitors all the global currency flows.


OK, well I can see your point there, Steve. But honestly, I think that sort of begs the question: If all these facts are so obvious, why isn’t anyone taking steps to get ready?

I mean why aren’t –

Bankers are getting ready for this


Well no – there are plenty of major financial players who are definitely getting ready for this…

At least 40 central government banks have already invested in the yuan.

In fact some of the biggest commercial banks in the world — HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Citigroup, you name it — all trade and settle in the yuan.

But frankly, what catches my attention isn’t necessarily what the banks are doing – but what happened recently with the British government…


What do you mean, exactly?


Well, there was an announcement at the end of 2014 from a man named George Osborne…

He’s the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, and he announced that the British government will be the first nation in the world to issue bonds denominated in Chinese yuan.

In fact, he described this event as a historic moment and said the British are confident the yuan will become, quote-unquote, “the main global reserves currency.”


Wow. So this goes pretty high.


It does… and that actually brings me to the fourth and final reason why I’m confident the yuan will win approval in October.

I’ve been carefully watching bankers… And it turns out we’re seeing some of the world’s most connected bankers step out in public and talk about the yuan becoming a new global reserve currency.


Can you give us an example?


Well for one, a senior official at an Asian central bank told Reuters he thinks this could be the year the yuan is included in the currency basket.

And we saw something interesting on Twitter, actually.

Turns out the Official Monetary and Financial Institution Forum has a bunch of followers on Twitter… including renowned financiers like Jim Rickards. And they recently tweeted about this.

They said the renminbi – the Chinese currency – is likely to become an IMF reserve currency.


What about the academic world? Are there any professors or historians talking about this?


Absolutely. We came across Benjamin Cohen, an economics professor at UC Santa Barbara who says, “It’s very difficult to imagine [the IMF] won’t [approve] the yuan…”


And what about the IMF itself? Has anyone on the committee leaked anything? Or… come out with some kind of behind-the-scenes revelation?


Well, yes and no. They’re pretty tight-lipped about this stuff… So we don’t have very much.

But actually, my team and I did find a story buried in the “World” section of the Wall Street Journal. A quote from a gentleman named Zhu Min…

Now, this is the deputy managing director of the IMF… one of the key players in the upcoming decision in October. And believe it or not, he actually let it slip that he’s, quote-unquote, “confident the Chinese yuan will be a global reserve currency.”

So Jared I think you can see why I’m as confident as I’ve ever been about anything that the financial community definitely believes something big will happen with the yuan… And that the yuan gaining reserve currency status is simply the next logical step for China’s currency.


So you believe the IMF’s decision will have a tremendous impact on the life of anyone holding U.S. dollars in the coming years.


Not only that… But if you IGNORE this trend, you’re overlooking a huge opportunity… I mean to my mind, it’s probably the easiest, safest, and most reliable way to make money right now.

Not to mention, to protect your family from the inevitable crisis we’re facing with the U.S. dollar.

Take these 4 steps now


So if someone who’s watching this interview wants to get prepared and take advantage of this opportunity – what do you recommend?


Well, I personally believe there are four steps you should take right now to prepare for the coming announcement about the Chinese Yuan.

You don’t necessarily have to take all four of these steps… but altogether, these steps will protect you quite a bit. I mean, your current savings, your investments, your retirement accounts – all of these can be protected from the fall in the U.S. dollar, if you know what to do. And maybe more importantly, these steps can set you up to make extraordinary gains.


OK. So what’s the first step you’re recommending?


The first step is simple. Make sure you’ve got the playbook for how this decision will unfold throughout the investment world.


What do you mean by “the playbook”?


Well, what I mean is that some of the effects of the announcement will be very predictable. And there’ll be an easy way to play it in the market.

Let’s go back to the chart I showed you earlier about what happened back in the 1970s, the last time the dollar fell…

Back then, a few very specific assets skyrocketed hundreds of percent.

And now, 40 years later, I think it’s likely we’ll see a few of these assets soar once again.

So essentially – what happened in the 1970s serves as a kind of playbook or “blueprint” for how I expect the IMF’s October decision to unfold. That’s why I recommend you know exactly which assets are most likely to rise.


Which assets are you referring to, specifically?


Well, it’s probably not going to be the exact same investments as last time. But some of them are definitely likely to soar again… and in particular, a few completely new ones, too… anywhere from 500% to 1,000% in the years to come.

But only if you take a position soon. Remember, by the time this stuff goes mainstream… it’s always too late. The problem is, people don’t have a clue how to determine which investments are the best to buy…

So I recently published a kind of playbook or guide called “How to Cash in on the Most Important Financial Decision of 2015.

It lays out everything you need to know about exactly how to take advantage of this upcoming IMF decision, along with a few additional opportunities.

You’ll see specifically which investments went up the last time something like this happened. I’ll tell you what to say to your broker and what price to pay for the assets I’m recommending.

You see – I created this guide because, frankly Jared, I haven’t see anything else like this available anywhere – at any price.


And how much does your guide cost, exactly?


Well, if you’re truly interested in learning more about this situation, I’ve actually arranged something pretty neat with my publisher. Anyone who wants to have a copy can receive complimentary access to it.


Hold that thought for a sec – I definitely want to show our viewers how to get a copy of your research report.

But that’s just one step you’ve described so far, right? What’s the second step you’re recommending? You said there were four steps – altogether – that you’re recommending to prepare.

How to make 500% as the Dollar falls


Right, and step #2 is pretty exciting, actually. It’s an incredible but very safe way that many rich and quite sophisticated investors are preparing for the October announcement. In fact it’s probably the best way I know right now to make 500% in America as the dollar goes down… tax free!


A way to make 500%, completely tax free? Is there a catch?


No catch.

What’s happening is that the government’s out-of-control spending has created an opportunity to make 5 to 10 times your money right now.

And in fact I’d bet that as the dollar weakens, this opportunity could become even more lucrative, Jared. It has nothing to do with stocks, bonds, or options.

But it’s in a market almost as big as the entire U.S. stock market.


So you’re talking about a hard asset.


That’s right. It’s a hard asset that’s been proven to rise hundreds of percent when the value of the dollar is in jeopardy. Back in the ’70s, for instance – this was one of the easiest 100% gains you could have made.

And it’s very easy to buy. I’ve personally invested a big chunk of my own money in this kind of opportunity. And I’ve persuaded a lot of my friends and business associates to do the same.


But a hard asset… I mean, that’s pretty unusual, Steve. What if you’re wrong about this whole announcement… Aren’t you then stuck holding a worthless asset?


Not at all. Even if I’m completely wrong about my predictions for the currency market… And even if by some miracle Washington abandons its destructive financial policies… this single asset could still make you very good money.

And that’s because, unlike stocks, this can NEVER go to zero. It always has value. It’s safe… and again, I think it’ll be the best way to make good money against a falling dollar… and for that matter, totally TAX FREE.


And you’ve written, in fact, a complete research report about this opportunity… correct?


That’s correct. I think this asset is set to go up very soon. And I don’t see anyone else pounding the table about this.

So what I’ve done is created a research report that explains what this asset is, exactly, and how to buy in. It’s called The Best Way to Make 500% in America, Tax Free, and if you’re interested, I’m happy to give away access to it, along with a copy of the playbook I mentioned earlier.


Got it… before we get to that though… let’s move on to the third step you’re recommending. You’re calling it “the Secret Currency Trade of the Decade.” Can you explain a bit more?

Currency trade of the decade


Sure. For folks who want to make money outside the box, Jared, the third step I’m recommending is a very clever and lucrative way to play the currency market, but WITHOUT ever having to actually trade foreign exchange.

Most people have no idea this opportunity even exists – but it’s one of the best-performing assets of all time.


A way to play the currency market… without having to touch FOREX at all?

How is that possible, exactly?


Well, it’s an asset that offers all the protection of gold. OK? In fact it’s backed by gold. But it’s actually even better than gold, and could provide incredible gains in the years to come. It’s totally off the radar.


So you’re talking about a rare gold investment… which delivered massive gains the last time we saw a U.S. dollar crisis…


Yes. It was actually the single most profitable thing you could have done with your money over the previous 20 years in the financial world. Salomon Brothers – the brokerage firm – ranked it Number One over a twenty-year span with an annual return of 17.3%.

I mean, this thing beat stocks, bonds, gold, silver, artwork, diamonds, U.S. Treasury bills, real estate, oil… You name it, Jared.

And as the dollar plummeted in the ’70s, this single asset earned over 1,000%.


Wow. So much how do you think it’ll return this time around – come the decision in October?


Well, I can tell you that from 1986 and 1990, investors who took advantage of this investment saw profits of 665%. That’s almost 8 times your money. Meanwhile, stocks were a rollercoaster… including Black Monday in 1987. This time, I think the gains could be even bigger.


And why’s that?


Well for years, Jared, many people were actually sort of afraid of owning various forms of gold, because it had been banned for so long.

But today the market is a lot bigger, which means the gains could be equally expansive and turn out to be 500% or more, very easily. And remember, this is a very safe asset. It’s the kind of investment you can put a good portion of your savings in right now… and sleep well at night, which is one reason I think it’ll become very popular.

But here too, Jared, it’s hard to find the full details about this investment. So for someone who’s interested, I’ve created a research report, which, again, I’m happy to give away access to… so you can see what this asset is and the best way to buy in.

My full report is called: The Secret Currency – How to make 500% gains in the coming years, with very little risk.


OK… And that bring us to the fourth and final step that you’re recommending, Steve. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’ve found something you say yourself may NOT be right for most people…

Money will pour into this market


That’s true. This may not be right for everyone… But the fourth step I’m recommending could be the ultimate grand-slam way to play this.

It all boils down to taking a step back and looking at this whole thing as a TREND. OK?

And by that I mean, what’s happening with the Yuan’s reserve currency status will likely become one of the biggest news stories and investment opportunities of the decade.

Money will absolutely POUR into China.

So if you want to go along for the ride, I’m recommending you take a small amount of money – whatever you’re comfortable making a speculation with – and invest it into China.


Whoa… Invest in China? Isn’t that pretty risky?


Well… it might sound risky, but not the way I’m recommending you do it, no. Putting just a little bit of money into this trend could make a huge difference in your savings and retirement accounts.

And that’s because most people don’t know that when the Chinese stock market moves – it can skyrocket hundreds of percent.

I mean do you realize, Jared, that from 2005 to 2007, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index soared more than 600%? That’s triple what we just experienced over the past few years in the U.S. market.


What if I’m not comfortable investing in China?


Well, that’s fine, Jared. You don’t have to. I know that most Americans don’t want to put money in China. So if you’d rather just take the first three steps I outlined here today, and avoid China altogether, that’s perfectly OK. You’ll still make very good money in the coming years, very safely.


For folks who don’t mind making a speculation… I strongly recommend you at least consider a very small investment in China, to take advantage of what could be a big, big move.


OK, but what if I’m just too afraid to invest money in China? Am I going to be missing out on the whole shebang here?


Well look, if you’re afraid of putting money in China, but you’re worried you’ll miss out, I’d say take just 10% of what you’d normally invest… just 10% of your normal position size… and just dip your toe in these investments.

Even just a tiny position can make a big difference in your overall net worth.


OK. And which Chinese investments are you recommending, specifically? This is China we’re talking about. There’s got to be a ton of possibilities…


There are a ton of possibilities…

But I’ve narrowed them down to just two of what I believe will be the safest ways to play this trend.

And in fact, these investments trade right here in the United States. They’re cheap… easy to buy and sell… and are super low risk.

The first is something called “A-class” shares.


What are A-class shares?


Well, this is something that takes advantage of a new investing rule most people haven’t heard of yet. Essentially – it allows everyday Americans to own shares of stock typically reserved for Chinese locals.

These are the types of shares that I believe could earn 50%, 100% or even 150% very quickly. It’s of the very best ways to play this trend.


And you’re saying that anyone can invest in A-class shares right here in America, through an ordinary broker.


Right. It’s incredibly simple. You don’t have to deal with anybody in China to do this. It’s as easy as buying shares of Coca-Cola.

And actually that brings me to the second investment I’ve found to take advantage of a boom in China.

What I’ve discovered is a way to get into some of the biggest and safest Chinese companies on the market. Some of these companies are enormous. For example, one of them is a cell phone provider with over 800 million clients.


800 million clients? That’s, what, over twice the American population?


Exactly. It’s ridiculous the scope of what’s going on in China… the size of some of these companies… And many are still totally unknown in the U.S.

But if more and more governments and companies around the world begin using the Yuan by the end of the year, these Chinese companies are going to be all over the news, Jared.

They’ll be absolute magnets for cash.

In fact, history has shown us that when this particular investment goes up, it goes way, way up. During the 2005 bull market in China, it gained over 300%!


OK. So if someone who’s watching this interview wants to learn more about these investments and get in, what do you suggest?


Actually, Jared, all the details on investing in China are included in the playbook I mentioned earlier…

How to Cash in on the Most Important Financial Decision of 2015.” 

…which, like I said, I’m happy to give away complimentary access to. I wrote this guide because there’s nothing like it available anywhere else to ordinary investors.

With this playbook, you don’t need to worry about learning how to get into investments in China because I’ve already done all the work for you. I’ll tell you stock tickers, prices, and exactly what to buy. Like I said, I expect these to be some of the quickest and safest gains you can make on this trend.

Get in now… before it’s mainstream


Got it. Well, I’ll be keeping a close watch in October. Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, this has been a fascinating talk. It’s been an honor having you with us today.

Any final words?


Yes, I just want to emphasize one last time that if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you have to get in as soon as possible.

I’m seeing more and more press coverage every week. For example, I saw a story in Barron’s recently… all about China becoming a reserve currency. And another story inReuters that quoted yet another IMF Director who said it’s not a question of “if” this will happen, but “when.”


So right now is probably the only chance to get in on the ground floor.


Right. That’s why I agreed to do this interview – and that’s why I’m urging anyone’s who’s interested to have a look at our research on this situation before it’s too late and the story goes mainstream.


Got it. Thank you, Steve.

And as part of this exclusive interview with Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, you can get immediate access to ALL of the research that Steve mentioned today. It’s easy, simple, and incredibly cheap.

For details, see below.

Thank you for joining us.

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