Exclusive poll: Young Americans are embracing socialism

March 11, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Socialism ends when you run out of other people’s money.  There is no such thing as FREE.  Someone must pay for something that is given away for free.   A high wage earner would, and should oppose being squeezed to give away FREE.  Their quality of life declines.  What is the purpose of working hard to get ahead, when all you will be doing is handing over your income to someone else (who isn’t successful)?  A redistribution of wealth brings equal POVERTY to all.  There will be the elites in a Socialist Society.  The ones who dole out the benefits to the peasants. This poll clearly identifies the ignorance of young voters.  I actually don’t believe anyone should be given voting rights, (if they are not independent of their parents).  They have no earnings to take; to contribute to socialism.  They are that little fish hanging from the sharks belly (Ramora). Feeding off of others hard work. There are NO countries under socialism that have as much opportunity as we do here in the United States.  If you want to stifle creativity and opportunities to succeed, then embrace Socialism.  Not for me.  I’ll pass.

– Steve Elkins


Source: Axios | 

Generation Z has a more positive view of the word “socialism” than previous generations, and — along with millennials — are more likely to embrace socialistic policies and principles than past generations, according to a new Harris Poll given exclusively to Axios.

Data: The Harris Poll; Poll conducted Feb. 21–25 among 2,035 adults; Chart: Axios Visuals
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Why it matters: The word “socialism” does not carry the same stigma it did in the past, now that it has been resurrected by celebrity politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Young people’s political views often change as they grow older, but their support for socialistic policies is a sign that the old rules of politics are changing fast.

Gen Z and millennials are projected to make up 37% of the electorate in 2020, and what they’re looking for in a presidential candidate is shifting.

  • The top three voting issues for Gen Z, according to the Harris poll, are mass shootings, racial equality, and immigration policy and treatment of immigrants.
  • Millennials’ top issues are access to health care, global warming/climate change and mass shootings.
  • Gen X’s top issues are: access to health care, terrorism/national security and the national debt — the same top issues for boomers and older.

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