Financial WMDs to Take Down World Economy

June 16, 2015 in Gold and Silver, News by RBN Staff

“So what happens THIS TIME when $30 trillion in financial weapons of mass destruction blow up in the bankers’ faces? Well, one thing is for sure: Governments and central banks no longer have the bankroll to bail out the banks! So that only means one thing: Total collapse of the global banking system!”


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financial_wmdEveryone knows that the 2008 Global Economic Collapse was caused primarily by banks’ unregulated casino-style gambling. Instead of blackjack and slots, the banks bet massively on financial derivatives known as a “credit default swaps,” which Warren Buffett famously called “weapons of financial mass destruction.” But what most people don’t know is that the criminal banks are ignoring Buffett’s warning and once again betting massively on swaps, to the tune of over $30 TRILLION – 8 times the budget of the United States Government and more than the entire value of the U.S. stock market! Now that the banks have reopened the casino doors, experts predict that these financial WMDs will take down the global economy worse than we’ve ever seen. And there’s only ONE THING you can do to protect yourself.


Big Banks Gamble with YOUR Money

damon_geller_authorCredit default swaps were invented by banking conglomerate JP Morgan in 1994. Simply put, a credit default swap is an unregulated type of insurance policy against loans going bad. So as banks wrote millions of dangerous loans during the housing bubble, they made an unbelievable fortune selling insurance policies – swaps – on those loans.

But there’s one HUGE problem: When you sell insurance policies, you better hope that most buyers don’t need to collect on them. It’s just like earthquake insurance: as long as there’s no earthquake, insurance companies make a fortune on earthquake insurance. But as soon as there’s a massive earthquake, insurance companies suddenly go out of business and homeowners are left holding the bag. This is exactly why Warren Buffet called swaps financial WMDs – because they are as destructive as an atomic bomb.

And here’s what happened: When the housing bubble burst and millions of loans when bad, banks were suddenly on the hook to pay the swap-buyers hundreds of billions of dollars. And just like earthquake insurers, they didn’t have the money to pay them.

What’s worse, other financial institutions had all kinds of counterparty arrangements with these massive banks, so the whole entire system fell like a house of cards. And you, the American taxpayer, spent trillions of dollars to bail out the “Too Big to Fail” criminal banks. But not before the entire global economy collapsed during the 2008 crisis, costing average Americans trillions in their investments and retirement accounts.

History Is About to Repeat Itself – Only Worse

The scary truth is, nothing has changed. In fact, things are now MUCH worse than in 2008, despite Buffett’s warning. After YOU bailed out the banks and not a single banker was put in jail, the banks turned around and reopened the casino doors. Today, the largely unregulated credit default swap market is now a staggering $30 TRILLION and growing! How much is $30 trillion? Take a look:


So what happens THIS TIME when $30 trillion in financial weapons of mass destruction blow up in the bankers’ faces? Well, one thing is for sure: Governments and central banks no longer have the bankroll to bail out the banks! So that only means one thing: Total collapse of the global banking system!

If you thought a 20-30% dip in your portfolio was bad after 2008, try an 80% collapse when the banking system completely falls apart! Or, the entire financial and banking system comes down like a house of cards. Total meltdown. And this time, The Fed and the U.S. Government won’t be there to prop up the stock market and recoup your gains after just a few years. THIS collapse could be deeper and longer-lasting than any we’ve seen before – even worse than the Great Depression!


Protect Yourself Now, Before It’s Too Late

Don’t fool yourself into believing you’re protected just because you are not personally invested in the financial weapons of mass destruction. Just like in 2008, when the giant banks and other financial institutions collapse due to bad bets on credit default swaps, ANYONE invested in bank-issued paper investments will be taken down with the banks. This includes everyone from national governments to large institutions to average savers & investors.

So, how do you protect yourself when the entire system collapses? The answer: Do what Buffett did: Put a percentage of your savings, retirement & wealth in Gold & Silver – the #1 asset class that sits OUTSIDE of the financial system and in fact GROWS when paper assets fail. And Gold & Silver have ZERO exposure to the credit default swap market. When Buffett saw the markets on the verge of collapse, he bought 4,000 tons of silver, weighing more than TEN Boeing 747s! Why? Because Gold & Silver have survived every fiat currency and every economy the world’s ever known and have been the wealth protector of choice for over 5,000 years.

As evidence, Gold DOUBLED in the years after the financial collapse of 2008, while Silver increased over 5 times during the same period!


So remind yourself what it was like when Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns collapsed and your entire portfolio took a nosedive after 2008. Are you willing to go through that and worse, knowing that the U.S. Government and The Fed no longer have enough money-printing ability to once again bail out the financial markets and prop up the stock market? Can you really endure an 80% loss of your savings, retirement or wealth? Wouldn’t you rather do what Warren Buffett did and GROW your wealth while everyone else loses theirs? Then get into Gold & Silver. NOW. Before it’s too late for you and your children.

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