George Soros and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Linked to U-Haul that Provided Supplies to Potential Rioters

September 25, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Need To Know | National File

Holly Zoller, a “bail disruptor” for the Soros-linked Bail Project, rented and drove a U-Haul truck and handed out shields to potential rioters in Louisville. The Bail Project is an organization that opposes cash bail, and claims that paying bail for those in jail is an “act of resistance against a system that criminalizes race and poverty.” At least two employees of the Bail Project are or were “Soros Justice Fellows.”

In June, Jack Dorsey teamed up with Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation to donate $11 million to organizations that “advance racial equity, with a focus on criminal justice and policing reform.” The Bail Project was a recipient of these funds, along with Black Lives Matter.

The board of directors for The Bail Project, which pays to bail out people who destroy US cities and attack police, include Michael Novogratz, a financier, and Lisa Gersh, a high level media executive; advisors include British billionaire Richard Branson, actor Danny Glover, and singer John Legend. Essentially, the Bail Project pays the bail for people who destroy US cities and attack police. Tucker Carlson suggested that the wealthy are supporting riots to portray America’s core problem as racial, but the real problems in the US are economic control by a small number of wealthy people.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey helped donate $11 million to organisations that included the Bail Project, linked to the U-Haul in Louisville earlier today.

National File reported today that an employee of the Bail Project, Holly Zoller, was caught handing out shields and other equipment to potential rioters from a U-Haul truck in Louisville, Kentucky.

A group of concerned citizens managed to track down and identify Zoller:

One member of the anonymous group called Zoller, posing as a U-Haul employee, noting that the company had seen “hundreds of Twitter posts” about the U-Haul truck “being used to protest illegally.”

“We handed out supplies. That’s it,” Zoller said, including “umbrellas, water, masks, goggles, gloves.” The caller says that they saw signs of” abolish the police,” to which Zoller said that was her First Amendment right.” What does it matter what I posted on a sign?” she added.

Zoller then denied that she protested, but then was caught admitting that she “drove the U-Haul truck and dropped items off.” After saying this, Zoller goes quiet. When she returns to the call, she says the caller should talk to her lawyer and that she would not be answering any more questions.

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REPORT: Soros-Linked Bail Project Employee Rented U-Haul That Handed Out Shields to Potential Rioters