Governors/Governed: Servants or Rulers; Who Serves, Who is Served?

April 21, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN

Regarding those “in authority” who have “shut down the economy” “for the good of all,” be they Mayors or Governors or other little goose-steppers who think that their office is not that of a servant, but a ruler,

Here’s the question in my mind that needs to be answered.  Are we saving ourselves (or a number of ourselves) from the virus only to “all” be possibly irreparably damaged by allowing our economy to deteriorate badly enough that we have a terminally diminished quality/quantity of what we need to live?

Certainly, corrupt Mayors and Governors will get health care and food and- if she/he/it/xi wants- haircuts.  But, I question, will our transportation industry, farm industry and agricultural entrepreneurs, grocers and a thousand others needed for our sustenance survive and/or be revived in time to save us from what is- let’s not mince words- a life that is solitary, nasty, brutal* and short?  I surely don’t always agree with Hobbes, but he has been argued that government could save us from such a fate as evoked in those four words, but, in this instance, if we follow government lock downs to their logical end, government may well foist such an end upon us.

Biologists have cleared up a less than accurate word-usage from years ago; they now tell us that there is no food chain, but a food web or life web, so as to get us to understand the complexity that is involved in the well being of all involved in life.  Well, just that way, the economy- and the life thereof- are not based upon a simple supply chain but a web that is dependent on virtually all of us.  There may be some people/jobs who/which are not essential to life, but essential to a quality of life that we enjoy, expect, and hope to bequeath our children.

Americans are a generous bunch during circumstances of plenty, but most of us alive have known only comfort and full stomachs to an extent that maybe 90% who’ve lived have not known.  As separated as we are in politics, I fear we may be as separated in caring for each other.  I always think back to the story Jesus told of the rich man and Lazarus who longed to eat the crumbs from the rich man’s table (Luke 16: 19-21).  The rich man, enjoying the things being rich then provided, did not even know the air-conditioning, auto travel, full stomachs at a moment’s microwave-notice, really comfortable shoes, paved roads and countless other amenities that even the poor in America know today.  How will Americans- divided as we are- react to each other in a time of actual privation?

Let’s really not mince words.

I’m mad as hell, understand the risk of this virus, such as it is, and know that neither Mayors nor Governors any other lifetime government hack has the MORAL authority (if the power to enforce) to tell me what to do and how and when. I do not consent to their imagined justice, I have- and will- continue to consent to the imperfectly-implemented-by-imperfect-men, imperfect organic US Constitution, (now that the 3/5ths abomination is fixed), and corrupt Mayors and Governors claims to legitimate authority ring hollow for us all without the consent of the governed being first obtained.

I do not consent.

Thank you for reading,

Je suis Spike

  •  I prefer brutal to brutish in this instance.