If You Love Your Liberal Friends, Prepare Them For Trump II

November 30, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike, for RBN

If You Love Your Liberal Friends, Prepare Them For Trump (2.0)

It has become obvious that the media has a played an intentional role with the Democrat Party to send the Presidential Election of 2020, and America, into utter chaos. See this very short article by Jim Hoft for an explanation of how the Democrats aren’t even trying to hide their fraud. They haven’t bothered to hide their fraud because they knew that in a fair election Trump would win with overwhelming numbers and the only hope the Democrats had to stopping Trump II was to introduce chaos into the system in the hope that GIGO prevailed. They apparently decided that transparent fraud would help them cause chaos as they put their garbage into the process and attempt to pull a Biden Presidency out.

The reason that the Democrats allowed Biden to “Zen Out” the race, (sit quietly, do nothing), was because they knew Trump was strong and that Democratic policies and candidates were not viewed with anything resembling acceptance by the electorate, so any truth that Biden might utter, for instance, “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” could only hurt him, and the deception that could benefit Biden and the Democrats might be misread by him off his teleprompter. Also, as they plan to remove Biden from office and elevate Kamala Harris to the “first Asian-American Presidency,” they didn’t mind if Biden was catching the slings and arrows instead of Harris, who only relatively recently got her political feet on the ground, (and physical legs out of the air).

As chaos of the Alinsky model was the only hope that the Democrats had, they did all they could to inject chaos into the system. But the Electoral College, prepared for such events as preventing victory by terrible candidates and also preventing the success of widely understood and widely known fraud stands ably and available.  I believe that Trump and his team are going to prevail with their legal work and the Electoral College is going to elect President Trump again.   Trump II; Audie Murphy would surrender.

Your liberal friends need to be aware that this will happen; or they at least need to be made aware that it is a possibility so that it will not be the total shock to them that the Democrats and their allies in the controlled media want it to be. If you love your liberal friends, warn them. Tell them that Trump is going to prevail and that you will still love them and will comfort them.  Heck, they probably will still own the House of Representatives.  Until 2022, anyway.  Tell them to take comfort in the fact that Donald “Is Literally Hitler” Trump isn’t going to be randomly rounding up people who disagree with him and sending them away for re-education or any other form of removal from life. He didn’t during his first term and he won’t now.  Also prepare them for the continuing destruction that America will face as Democrat allies continue to burn and pillage. And warn them that this time, this chaos may visit their suburbs in the form of drive-by shootings of sleepy suburban neighborhoods.

And prepare them, also, for the possibility that those who attempted the coup in 2016 and the subversion of The Constitution in 2020 might be, uh, um, er, “unavailable for comment” for a little while, at least until their Cuba accommodations are fitted with the equipment needed to broadcast trials.

Je suis Spike

PS If you REALLY love your liberal friends, prepare them for Donald Trump Jr. to follow his dad in office.