Investing in Gold

February 5, 2014 in Gold and Silver, News by The Manimal

Investing in Gold

Would you let a stranger buy your property just because they give you their word that they’ve got the money to buy it with? Hell no, we’d want those dollar bills in our banks before we’d even think about handing over the keys to the door, and we’re sure you’d all feel exactly the same way.

If this is the case, then why are we happy to put all our eggs in one basket and keep all our hard-earned wealth in the form of credit, at the mercy of the ups and downs of the financial markets? Lord knows we’ve seen how that can work out in recent times…

A wise man doesn’t just earn, he invests! Some trade in stocks and shares, some buy pieces of art and others invest in types of capital which are a whole lot more tangible and easier to place a value on. One such investment is gold.

The long history of gold as currency

Of course, the strange reality of our net worth being measured against nothing but numbers on a screen is a thoroughly modern phenomenon. Look way back from just a few decades ago to six hundred years Before Christ, in Asia Minor, and you’d see gold exchanging between hands in a number of forms, from rudimentary Roman coins to gold bars and bullion. For over two and a half millenniums, gold has provided men with the means of trading for just about anything a human hand can craft, mine or get a hold of. Read more on the subject here. Until recent times the average person would have sooner held their personal riches in gold than wishy-washy credit, and we think they might have been onto something

How to invest in gold today

There are all kinds of ways to invest in gold in this day and age. The first step it to get together the funds you’ll need to buy yourself a respectable quantity. If business is good, your hard-earned dollar will do fine. Alternatively you could look to sell off some unwanted possessions or, if you’re the gambling type, you could always try to get lucky at

One way to invest in gold is by simply buying the material itself, in coins or even bars. Those with more of an eye for antiques meanwhile, can reap the rewards of their expertise by buying up valuable gold jewellery and antiques. At the moment, it looks like gold is only gonna get more and more valuable as recently formed and well founded suspicions surrounding credit persist.