Phil Kline/Amistad Project/ Indicts Michigan and Voting Irregularities

January 5, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


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“Election Document Retention Schedule
Provided by the Michigan Bureau of Elections
Updated as May 2019

Document Retention Schedule

The following lists the length of time election records and materials must be retained. It merits note that the retention schedules are separated into two categories: Election Administration, County Records, and City/Township/Village Records. This listing follows the State of Michigan’s General Schedule #23 unless a new law has changed the retention period. Changes from General Schedule #23 are highlighted in yellow.”




Phil Kline outlines how 500 million dollars from Zuckerberg, via pass through “charitable corporations”, catalyzed alterations in Federal and State voting procedures in the swing states, including Michigan, under the “noses” of the Republican controlled legislature.
The  Zuckerberg funding financed voting irregularities in Michigan. Private money that was used to fund and contractually mandate voting irregularities in the swing states is an alleged violation of Federal Law and certain provisions of State Law. Contractual terms contained in the funding grant from the “charitable corporation” pass-throughs contain claw back provisions if Michigan does not comply with terms of the grant pertaining to alterations of Michigan’s voting procedures. Money that Michigan did not need to fund the election process in the state as explained in the presentation. So why was the money and conditions accepted? The answer is clear. Facilitate and implement the voting irregularities.
Also consider this. Why is Michigan’s attorney general threatening lawyers who participate in challenging/investigating Michigan’s voting irregularities with criminal prosecution.
Why is Michigan’s Secretary of State not releasing log records for forensic analysis of voting irregularities substantiated by forensic evidence of voting irregularities in Antrim County with substantiating affidavids of voting irregularities at the TCF center and  the unlawful connection of voting machines to the internet.
Why did the Governor block, via the State Police, Republican representatives from exercising and prohibiting them from participating in their constitutional responsibility to debate the selection of, and / or casting an alternate slate of electoral votes.
Why has the Governor blocked an emergency session of the legislature to discuss voting irregularities, etc. etc.
The quantum of evidence is more than adequate to decertify Michigan’s electoral votes for Beijing Biden. Welcome to the SSM aka Soviet Socialist State of Michigan. Just saying!
See coverage Zuckerberg Funding of Presidential Election.
See : 52 U.S. Code  Chapter 207 Federal Election Records
See : Document Retention Schedule for State of Michigan Voting Records in attached PDF
The legislators owe the people of Michigan appropriate due diligence to investigate and discern any and all voting irregularities in Michigan, including initiating appropriate legal action to require the release of all Dominion voting machines, software and logs et. al. pertaining to the presidential election in Michigan for forensic analysis. The legal action must contain a request for a court order holding in abeyance the certification of the election results in Michigan for no less than 10 days until an appropriate forensic analysis and investigation of the voting irregularities and the supporting affidavits alleging such irregularities have been conducted. Certainly under both the Federal and State constitutions the legislators have the necessary standing to investigate any election irregularities within the state and, if substantiated, decertify Michigan choice of electors for Beijing Biden.
Time for responsible legislators that are loyal to the Constitution and a Constitutional Republic to act.
The Deplorable One
aka Jim Fuscaldo

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In the event you did not…check out the following link. Knowledge is power! Jus tsaying.
The Deplorable One
aka Jim Fuscaldo

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The President’s speech in the attached link is a clear and factual indictment of Michigan’s legislative failure to remedy election fraud in Michigan. You hid under your desks for four years when the Democrats and MSM pillored President Trump’ with a continuing unsubstantiated and false narrative of Russian collusion to win the presidency; he endured a special counsel investigation and an impeachment predicated on false and fraudulent information.  While President Trump restored the nation’s economy you allowed yourselves to be man handled, or should I say woman handled, by an incompetent Governor, Attorney General and Director of Public Health, in managing the Chinese Corona Virus pandemic and on many other issues while 30 % or more of Michigan’s small businesses have disappeared. This included denying physicians the right to timely treat infected patients with hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak and Zinc supplements. Such manifest negligence, boarders on gross negligence and raises a question of contributory manslaughter. Just saying! You can hide from the truth, but you can’t hide from your failures to timely act to rectify and remedy Michigan’s fraudulent Presidential election and failure to handle the Chinese Corona Virus public health issue. Sleep well…if your conscience will allow you. You may wish to continue wearing your mask. It will help you to hide your identity from your constituents even though there is scientific evidence that proves cloth masks are not effective in preventing the transmission of viruses, and may be more of a health hazard to people who wear them.
The Deplorable One
aka Jim Fuscaldo

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Expert witness testifies before Georgia Senate Committee investigationg election fraud  in Georgia that they are currently hacking real time into the Dominion voting system currently in use in Fulton County Georgia for the Senate run off election notwithstanding Dominion’s claims hacking is NOT possible. It would seem appropriate for the Republican controlled legislature in Michigan to call an emergency sesssion and authorize a forensic investigation/analysis of all Dominion voting machines used in the state of Michigan in the Presidential election per Antrim County analysis. You don’t need the Govenor’s approval to do your constitutional duty of election oversight. Who knows you may ascertain that John James was disenfranchised of votes by the same voting machines that disenfranchised President Trump. Just saying!
Consider this gentlemen. The risk to your “political capital” and reputation if you fail through your negligence one way or the other to discern the TRUTH of what happened. Just saying.
The Deplorable One
 aka Jim Fuscaldo
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Constitutional lawyer Mark Levin summarizes the constitutional and legal issues pertaining to the questionable legal and unconstitutional  manipulations that several states have engaged in during this Presidential election. See especially his summary analysis of Michigan’s election failures at:
What did you do to prevent this?
Constitutional lawyer Rick Green explains the outcome possibilities of Representative Gohmerts’s lawsuit against the Vice President. He also explains the complex interplay between Article II of the Constitution, the Twelfth Amendment and the Electoral College Act of 1877. A 45 minute in depth interview that clarifies what the MSM has failed to do.
In summary Happy New Year!!!  Remember…January 6 th is the Christian Feast of the Epiphany. In the secular world it is defined as a sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something. Let us pray and hope that said “manifestation” pertains to the essential, if not imperative, need for liberty unrestrained by a government establishment (State and Federal) and their donor and MSM cohorts; and that our liberty is guaranteed by a Constitutional Republic (NOT a democracy); and that our liberty is secured to only its citizens by their unrestrained right to have secure and fair elections.
What did you do, or fail to do to secure this right? What answer do you have for your constituents? Just asking.
One last thought. Are you prepared to publicly state to your constituents that the election results in Michigan were the result of a secure and fair election? If not, what have you done to determine why, what, where, when and how said election results were manipulated?
The Deplorable One
aka Jim Fuscaldo