Are You A Man With Inalienable Rights? If So, Will You Defend Them?

January 4, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN

It is beyond obvious that neither the Democratic nor Republican party has a powerful interest in returning to the people the republican form of government the constitution guarantees.  Keeping in mind the failures of the parties, which is not the failure of every member of the parties, I would compare and contrast the parties thusly:  The Democratic Party is like 15 sharp sticks in the eye; the Republican Party is like 11 sharp sticks in the eye.  Quantitatively, then, the Republican Party is better by the count of 4 sharp sticks in the eye.  Qualitatively, though, they are both like lots of sharp sticks in the eye.

If you do not believe in god, then you cannot logically reason that humans occupy our place of primacy in nature for any other reason than that we are superior to all other nature because- and evidenced by virtue- of our ability to subdue it.  And subdue it we have.  We have put bridges across great distances and we have drained vast swamps and paved over them to occupy places where only animals comfortable in mud would otherwise dwell.  From the lowest point on dry earth, the Dead Sea, where some people live, to the highest point, the apex of Mount Everest, on which some conquerors have set foot, mankind has subdued the earth.  You might argue that we are not so powerful as to be able to prevent an earthquake or cap a volcano to keep magma from becoming lava, and you’d be right, of course.*  But our failure to be able to redirect enough energy to entirely tame natural processes merely describes the point on the continuum of man’s history when we now find ourselves.  Who knows what the future will bring?

It was not that long ago that we were not able to put a canal across the Isthmus of Panama, but it’s there now.  It was not that long ago that the s-hole that is Washington D.C. was literally a swamp, but some drained it when they were able, so as to allow some humans comfortable in mud to live and work and destroy from there.  It was not that long ago that no one knew that there was a trench in the ocean more than seven miles below the surface of the sea, but since that discovery it has been explored by use of technology created by man.  There is no telling what the future holds with regard to man’s ability to plumb the depths of the ocean and maybe live there, nor our ability to one day build an occupied visitor center at the greatest height.

But know this, if man is at the apex of creation on earth only because we are able, more than the otter, to use tools, more than the beaver, to change the course of rivers and more than the bee to conquer and gather resources from afar, then man is only a part of nature and has no corporate right- but only the might- to sculpt the earth as we choose.  And, without a god, certainly, no individual has any right, whatever, to be left alone to pursue his desire to breathe free to worship in accordance with the dictates of his conscience while harming nobody, much less create using his own faculties. If mankind is an accident of nature, then just as mankind, together, is strong enough to dam up rivers regardless of the morality of doing so, then so are the strongest men who choose to place a dam in the hearts and minds and over the bodies of others no less immoral for doing so than river conquerors.  If god didn’t give you rights, then might makes right.  This is a tautology.

So, when you end up a slave because you failed to understand that rights can only come from a benevolent God, a master creator who wants you to breathe free, know that, while some climb the highest peaks and some build bridges of lengths unimagined 200 years ago, some have set their sights on conquering not only what is outside of you, but what is within you.  They believe that we, the people, are merely sheep and that sheep deserve, by virtue of their docility, to be shorn.  But not all believe this:  While imperfectly implementing an imperfect plan, some imperfect men put down on parchment a plan that is a blue print to attempt to build a more perfect (complete) union to protect the rights of individuals to be able, untethered by powerful others, to plumb their minds and seek out ideas and abilities to build bridges and subdue the earth to allow you and me the ability to live as free as we may while harming no one.This is the greatest requirement that god places on men, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Those who have no god are not limited by such compunction; unless restrained by men more powerful than they, they are free to do as they please as they attempt to subdue the earth and the people, not so much for the benefit of mankind, but for the benefit of a comparatively small group of men.

For this is the philosophy of the Marxist, the Leninist, the Maoist, Alinsky, the Kamalians and all on the left even when disingenuously claiming to believe in the notions of liberty and free men.  They lie when they say that they agree with the framers, because the framers attempted to build on what the bible told them- that mankind was created a bit lower than God, Himself.  And, therefore, we occupy a very special place in His creation.  This is why those men more than 200 years ago insisted upon not bending a knee to anybody but God; so why they refused to bend knee before an earthly king.

We are told that when one of these founders, Benjamin Franklin, was asked what sort of government would replace the monarchy of King George III, who, like some men today, believed he was special enough to rule over men, Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”  The admonition, “if you can keep it,” he added because he knew that evil men would come; it was so written in The Declaration of Independence as a warning to beware of powerful and evil men because Franklin knew that evil never sleeps, as evil men never stop scheming.  And he knew that some men would bow a knee before Satan and accept his gifts of powerful station in the world.

So, come 6 January and the election finally coming to its apparent end, there will be a choice made as to whether we shall continue with the bastardized, battered poor excuse for a republic which we have been “enjoying” for quite some time and is preferred, or shall we descend into the leftism that is cronyism and tyranny wherein some will be more equal than others.  If the former, we will have enough breathing room to attempt throw off the evil party and the stupid party- or maybe rebuild the stupid party after throwing off the pretenders therein commonly called RINOS (Republican in Name Only).  I, for one, look forward to a new gathering of the people, a gathering who understands the origin of the Constitution which was written with an attempt to recognize that just power, as the Declaration of Independence assures us, lay within the people.  A party of the people who wish to re-take their power and not re-make a government also bound to spectacular corruption.

So, raise all sails, batten the hatches and pray that we do not get ahead of ourselves, nor lag behind those who would slow us down, but make God’s speed into the future,

A toi vraiment, je suis Spike

* Neither do we “create” enough carbon dioxide to turn earth into a heat-lover’s paradise.