July 18, 2016 in News, Video by D

By Reverend David Whitney

Providentially I turned on the TV Thursday night in the midst of the Dallas sniper event oddly just blocks away from Dealy Plaza where JFK was assassinated. Watching just a piece that evening and then the morning after analysis, I could hear the drumbeat, blah, blah, blah, take away the guns, blah, blah, blah, take away the guns. This sniper event couldn’t have happened at a more propitious time as the Congress is pushing through more gun control legislation. Could the timing just be just coincidental? Consider some similar sniper events.

Video of the sermon

In March 2011 the “spontaneous democratic protest” in Daraa led to carnage as trained snipers killed seven policemen and four protesters, escalating the crisis and launching the five-year long devastation of Syria. That sniper event was carefully planned and well coordinated in an attempt to destabilize that country and its government. In February 2014 paramilitary snipers (later identified as Gladio operatives) opened fire on protestors and police forces in Ukraine, escalating the crisis and putting the final nail in the coffin of Yanukovych’s rule. Now here in July 2016 unidentified snipers opened fire at an otherwise peaceful protest in Dallas. Is there a pattern here?

Kevin Barrett, of VeteransToday commented “These rooftop snipers looked like pros, not angry amateurs. They’re reminiscent of the rooftop snipers who recently overthrew the government of Ukraine.”

Gordon Duff also of VeteransToday commented, “Once again we are presented with a narrative that is quite implausible, where we are being asked to believe that the attackers were capable of feats of marksmanship that even seasoned spec ops [special operations] operators would find difficult. This time we are being asked to believe that angry young black men took up arms and shot 12 police officers from elevated positions; not likely, not hardly, such a feat requires trained and experienced sniper teams – the same kind that were employed on the Maidan in Kiev two years ago to shoot down both policemen and protesters.”[1]

Could this be another false flag?

The difficult thing here as in other such events is that we cannot always get at the truth. We know the media, particularly the mainstream media, is lying to us regularly. We know our civil government in general is not to be trusted – they have their own agenda which is to establish the New World Order, another name for the kingdom of Satan. They will stop at nothing to achieve it, including murdering policemen. They are of their father the Devil and the works of the Devil they do. As he was a murderer from the beginning so murder is part of their playbook.

How shall we know what is true? In our day the truth is very elusive.

You might think politicians are in competition with each other to earn the award ‘the biggest liar of them all.’ For example there is the woman for whom lying is her only game. She can violate the law six ways before dawn and lie to the electorate and lie to the media, then lie to the FBI and they all apparently believe her? No indictment possible they say. Why anyone believes her at all I cannot understand. This member of the Clinton crime family appears to have outstripped her husband with lies, corruption and murder. In that last category, given that she is persistent in her support of killing babies, she is a mass murderer.

The truth needs to be told. George Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”[2]

By they way. If the narrative presented by the media and government were actually true, and I doubt that it is, what should be done? So we have an irate black man with a gun killing police officers. What should be done? Take away everyone’s guns? That begs the question, what brought this man to this point where he considers murdering others a good thing? How was he educated?

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