The Bitcoin Craze And The Public Banking Movement

January 16, 2018 in News by RBN Staff

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How are they alike and how are they worlds apart? 

Public Banking Institute Year-End Update: December 12, 2017

No less then half a dozen major cities and three states have made significant moves to start  independent banking systems outside the control and dilution of our Federal Government and the privately controlled Federal Reserve System.  The Public Banking Institute gets my vote for the least self-serving and the most practical reform movement I know of!  It opposes monopoly banking as We Hold These Truths resists wars! Thanks to the patriotic work of the PBI, whom I have written about before, and whom I hope readers will learn about. In contrast, the Bitcoin Craze was started by people who claim to be creating independent currencies (1200 or more different ones). It is also a movement started by persons who voiced concerns about Fiat Money, and a desire to fix it.  But the Bitcoin movement has become profit crazed, dominated by brilliant people who see a way to make fast dollars before reality sets in. A bit of history of our scam banking system is needed.  Our gallant founders, though well intended, fell victim to the 17th century clone Bank of England corruption, led by none other than Alexander Hamilton, who instigated the First Bank of The United States. In its present form, The Federal Reserve System, our Central Bank is is a private monopoly owned and controlled by mega-banks world wide. It is the 20th Century successor to the 1st, and The 2nd Bank of the United States, both granted a credit money creating franchise in the new American Republic, not unlike the one England had granted to its central bankers a hundred years before our nation was formalized! The purpose of the Public Banking Institute is to end creation of “credit money” by the monopoly private bank we have come to call the FED, or Federal Reserve System. I refer you to the annual report of the PBI with my prayer that you will read every word of it and not rest until you understand what it means to you and your family to be enslaved to this central bank. You will also learn how the monopoly can be brought to an end by forming publicly owned banks to take care of local taxpayer funds. The end of central banking would mean an end to war in America, which is We Hold These Truths goal. We also hope that out of the Bitcoin Craze will come the “Block Chain” mechanism that will allow Public Banking to succeed without being corrupted by the private monopoly international banking movement that now dominates most, but not every central bank world wide. Please look for our follow up paper explaining the one sure and undeniable way for you to know that the FED is the licensed, profiteering money creator that effectively controls Donald Trump, and most past Presidents, as well as, the public purse for wars.  In it I will compare the FED to a single “Bitcoin Miner”. Go to the website and subscribe to WHTT’s Complimentary Newsletter-CEC